Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm alive...

But still feel like death warmed over....

Got knocked flat on my back with something.. not the flu, or cold--no stuffy or running nose, no chest congestion.. Just fever--lots of fever--and aches and pains.

Dragged my self to work... where thankfully, my responsiblities are light.. (shuffling papper--intermittantly)

I've been in too much pain to do anything--certainly no knitting... 

You might ask why I am at work:
1--no sick days--(no work, no pay)
2--my boss (KIM) is great, and being out sick really makes things awkward for her... getting replacements is a real pain (first there are the keys..I 'open' the store (well, store front) each day--if I don't show up to open... it not as if some temp could just come in and replace me!

The only real work to work is getting here... (and today is a holiday, the subway wasn't empty but significanlty less crowded,  so that made it much less work!)

And I am I am feeling a bit better today-- So much better than I felt Saturday!  I know I am behind on stuff... but while feeling better, I am still dragging myself around.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to bending over to plug in the photo cable and upload some images.
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