Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm alive...

But still feel like death warmed over....

Got knocked flat on my back with something.. not the flu, or cold--no stuffy or running nose, no chest congestion.. Just fever--lots of fever--and aches and pains.

Dragged my self to work... where thankfully, my responsiblities are light.. (shuffling papper--intermittantly)

I've been in too much pain to do anything--certainly no knitting... 

You might ask why I am at work:
1--no sick days--(no work, no pay)
2--my boss (KIM) is great, and being out sick really makes things awkward for her... getting replacements is a real pain (first there are the keys..I 'open' the store (well, store front) each day--if I don't show up to open... it not as if some temp could just come in and replace me!

The only real work to work is getting here... (and today is a holiday, the subway wasn't empty but significanlty less crowded,  so that made it much less work!)

And I am I am feeling a bit better today-- So much better than I felt Saturday!  I know I am behind on stuff... but while feeling better, I am still dragging myself around.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to bending over to plug in the photo cable and upload some images.


teabird said...

We missed you yesterday! I'm glad you're feeling a wee bit better.

(Jen brought her new wheel...)

p.s. the word verification for this post: purling! How bizarre is that?

LICraftgal said...

Hi!! We were wondering what happened to you yesterday!! Glad your feeling a bit better, sorry to hear you were sick! It was a bit crowded yesterday and 2 new wheels!! Jens and Lisas, both beauties!! See you Sunday, or Friday if you can make it.

Melissa said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather :( I know "the crud" has been going around my work place.