Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knitting more than ever!

At work, Hat Number 15 –for the Hat project is done—but not finished.. there are still ends to weave in.

It’s a flat as a pancake beret in grey, with pale yellow ‘rings’. The decreases are scattered so that the color work predominates.

It’s not one of the hats I’ve thought of making (ie, a coon skin type hat, or a bear hat) I keep thinking about them, but forget to bring the yarn to work--and instead start something with the yarn I have at work (a big bag of Loin Brand Wool Ease that is slowly, but surely, emptying out!)

The second Petal Power hat is finished-- but the documentation isn’t! 

But I already have a test knitter lined up to check the pattern.

At home, I am knitting a semi secret project-- with a Sunday deadline.. but is not very detailed.. simple knitting, a tube.. or rather a rectangle (a tube with will become a rectangle!)

 The fingerless gloves are long enough—but I making them longer.

Still un photographed is the newest donated hat—YET another one from my boss Kim (its great having another knitter as boss!)

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