Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last week –before I got sick

Or perhaps, when I was at my sickest, and didn’t know it…

Some yarn jumped onto some needles and started giving my fingers orders.

(I am not sure my brain was involved at all)

And before I knew it-- this was appearing.

Last night, I knit the ribbing, and grafted the hem to the inside of the hat.

The petal’s should be really blocked—finger blocking helped-- but a real block is still needed.

The center is from a small scrap of Brown Sheep. The yellow is some unknown wool (Hey Cooknknit, do you remember what the yellow is? It was from a swap with you!) The green is Lion Brand Lion Wool—Lemon Grass is the color name.

It’s not a hat for the Hat Project--

Which is still 20 hats short of the 84 hat goal—not withstanding my boss’s (Kim) effort –she delivered 2 more hats to me yesterday.. Bringing her total up to 7!
(She is a great boss!)

Yesterday on subway home, I needed the full 45 minute ride to frog and repair a mess I made last week (when I was sick, and my brain was not fired up, but fried!) on the fingerless gloves—in terms of actually progress? 2 rounds completed in the past 6 days.  I am knitting from fingertips down to cuff, and have just completed the thumb opening—maybe 2 inches in all.
I’ll try and remember to photograph them tomorrow--but I am back logged--Almost a dozen hat have been donated and not featured here.. And there is lots of other blog fodder waiting to see the light of day (or monitor).


Sodia Like said...

glad you are feeling better! the sunflower hat is cute...does it have a recipient? at first, I did think "will 12 yo boys wear a sunflower hat, but I see it isn't intended for them.

Cécile Hessels said...

Dear of troy,

I finally managed to see that lovely cartoon you linked to me . 'The dot and the line '
Immensely enjoyed it. Will send it to my grandkids and link it my blog.
Lovely story! What a real fun sunflower hat you made!

I treid to ude your email facility but it did not work. Well, this way : THANKS!


gayle said...

That sunflower is fabulous! I'll be smiling about it all day.
Glad you're feeling better.

Karen said...

That hat is really cute, and no, I have NO clue what the yellow is!! Sorry!