Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well I over slept--not by much..

But enough to have not have time to take photos!

So I didn’t do a new count of hats, and I don't have any photo’s!)
(You can check later--I'm thinking about taking photo's and uploading images when I get home-- the afternoon light isn't as good-but I'll try.)

But, if I recall correctly, I had 50 at last count.

Then over the weekend, Barbara gave me 6 more.

Last night, I got 4 from Dana, and 2 from Gwen, and 1 from Mia (she finished last week, but I just got it yesterday)—7 more!

My boss, Kim left two for me in the office (and has yet another one on needles, which will make a total of 5 from her!)

So 15 new hats(65!)--I am not counting the hat on the needles—just the hats in hand.

Carolyn has 1 more--(or is it 2?) and Robyn has one (we just have to cross paths!)

The numbers keep growing!

I am 1 inch or so into my fingerless gloves, (nothing done on the Black Purls) and a ball of Silk and Wool –Coats & Clarks, Mode Dea Silk and Wool—is whimpering and asking to be knit up--so I am likely to knit yet another hat!

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