Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Brr! Baby It’s cold out side!

Inside, too.
In one of those peculiarities of NYC real estate—most commercial locations don’t include heat (and often no hot water either) or AC.

A few weeks ago, the space above was rented (to residential tenants) and our space got some spill over heat (from the basement.. Heat rises!)
But now, the tenants are gone, and the heating is at the minimum (just enough to keep the pipes from bursting (I hope!)My boss has provided space heaters (7 of them!)and they are all on.At 10 am the back of the store—(far, far away from the all too constantly opening door!) was a toasty 49°.

I am dressed like a Canadian—Wools socks (hand knit, of course) lined wool pants, a short sleeve top under my sweater (OK, so its store bought and not wool)--and I am still cold. (Oh—did I mention? I also have on wool fingerless gloves!)

It’s is cold out. Winters is having it last BIG hurrah–right now its warmed up to 18°(f)-or about -6°(c) and there is a brisk breeze.

It is a short term problem—Thursday it is expected to be near 50°--but it cold right now!

So here is something that will warm the heart—if not the body..

Yesterday, Robyn Love set up a window display in the Lion Brand Studio (34 W.15th Street)—she didn’t knit EVERYTHING in the window--but was responsible for most of the work (and the concept!)

Sono Kuwayama crocheted lovely details-- Lucy Allen (a precocious knitter) knit 2 buildings, (and I half  knit one)--(and some unsung architect interns made the most fantastic models that provide the structural shapes.)

It’s a wonderful window display –with a larger than life Mayor, and squirrels, seagulls, and other wild life (KING KONG!)
Here are some images for you to pour over—just look at the detail in the buildings.. (how many can you recognize?) and there are more images on her blog--
(These images are HUGE--click on any one to see more detail!)

If you live in, or are planning to visit the city--make sure you go see it!

 (and you could, as I did, FORCE yourself inside and find some yarn to take home with you..) 


teabird said...

I can't embiggen your pictures, but the pictures on Robyn's blog are clear. I love with the fibery Chrysler Building as I am with the real, and yours looks wonderful.

Robyn said...

Unsung no more! The model was made by two Pratt students: Howard Yoon and Julie Bahng. They did an amazing job - not always visible any more, but truly it could have stood on its own as a lovely piece.

FuguesStateKnits said...

Wow is right! How cool! Where in NYC is this place? We come up every so often to visit when we need a NY fix:) So far, my "main squeeze" has been School Products in Manhattan, but I'm such a yarn floozie....

FuguesStateKnits said...

DUH! Never mind - next time I'll actually READ the whole post! DOH!
34 W 15th St I get it I get it....