Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I’m back!

I took a few days off--from knitting and from blogging.

First, let’s dispense with the greetings of the day—Top’ the Morning to you! --and all the other classic cliché’s of the day—I don’t need them. A little green booklet confirms I am Irish (all the time, not just today!)

As for knitting…

Well--Completed—(more than a week past!) are my little lacy fingerless gloves. And lots of wool left over for a matching cowl –(and some zepher for a nice lace edging on the same) But not  now--my mental queue has lots of things to keep me busy--and besides--spring is at hand. 

And a Hat—No, it’s not number 18—this hat is for Ernest--a dear man, who has worn the red fun fur hat his girlfriend crocheted for him on occations, but who deserves better.

This is Mode Dea’s Silk and Wool—a blend of 15% silk and a soft wool. Ernest is a typical NYer—and a good 90% of his wardrobe is black or grey (charcoal and lighter grey. The photo makes this dark grey look like a multi color tweed, but its really a simple dark grey. So it will match almost everything he owns!

On Sunday, I started ball 2 of Patons Bamboo Silk, which ran out just about dead center of a pearl (obviously the center pearl!) of the Black Pearl scarf. Since then, I’ve gotten another pearl knit.
Not much progress. But this is a fun scarf—it's especially fun to knit in public—(it elicits all sorts of comments!) and I have mentally committed to finishing this before starting anything else.

My “at work and subway” knitting is the Mast socks.   Remember them? No?
No wonder—they have been pending—half knit--since December.
Very autumnal, and spring is at hand… So I better finish them soon so I can knit something more seasonal!

Sock yarn is piling up.. demanding to be knit.
Some --the skeins of irory, and natural-- are even demanding some color—but those noisy skeins will have to wait til after Easter, when egg dye kits are 50%!

Maybe, if I am very good to Kelly (aka LICraftGal) a skein or two will end up in her pot of indigo dye later this year.
Just where are those odd bits of purple silk? Maybe I can use them as an inducement!


FuguesStateKnits said...

Only a quarter Irish - but happy St. Paddy's to you, too:) What really makes me happy is that the Irish people of both origins who live in N. Ireland aren't supporting the morons who killed the soldiers last week. Bless their hearts!
Love your knitting - and thanks for the recent YouTube tutorials! I've subscribed to updates on what you post. What a treat! you do such a great job!
Know the feeling about yarn calling out to you - well, especially if I don't my meds (only kidding!)
Have a great day:)
Joan a/k/a FSK

LICraftgal said...

I am sure there will be room in the indigo vat for a couple of skeins, not to worry. But the vat won't be ready until summer and mid to late summer at that.