Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Progress Ever Even?

Or does it always come in spurts?

The count on the hat was flat—or near flat.. and then last Friday,Barbara brought me 2 more (I think that brings her total to 14! 14 hats!)

Then yesterday, another from my boss, (Is that 7 from her? or 8 –a lot either way!) blues and greens. 

With it came another hat from Carolyn--the brown tweed

Robyn cranked out 4 in the blink of an eye!  You can see them over on her blog--being modeled by Finn. 
(that is 8 hats added to the mix in less than a week! 10% of the total)

Yesterday on the way home from work, I completed the last round of Latvian braid on hat number 16.
(there are links to YouTube tutorials for the Lavian Braid on the previous post) 

My original thought was to have the body of the hat done in purple, but the green yarn asserted itself, and demanded to used.

I have more yard purple and the gold than I have green.. And there is still a skein of black sitting patiently, not saying anything, but insistant just by its presence, that it be knit up.

I got a dozen or so round completed at LIC knit(ters) group last night.. another dozen and it will be time for shaping.

 When I got home, I made 1 more “pearl” last night on my string of pearls scarf.. (and I keep eyeing the soft green alpaca I have set aside for the Leaf scarf ---) The String of Pearls is about 40 inches long now, and half finished (that I have just enough yarn left for about another half pearl from the first ball of yarn –is another indication that it is half done!) 

All these plain(ish) hats have my creative juices bubbling. 

I have an idea for fun hat—a retro cocktail hat-- (circa 1950’s) dimentional, ornate, and of course, complete with a veil.

 (I loved my mothers cocktail hats and her long gloves as child—I guess I must be entering my second childhood to want to make myself a hat like this nowdays)

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Naomi said...

I just saw your videos on youtube about the various cast-ons. Very nice! I like the clarity of presentations especially. Thanks!