Monday, March 02, 2009

It’s snowing.

I suspect they are still blathering about the snow on the TV—acting as if it is something rare and strange (instead of just the normal weather!)

Ok, so it's late in the season for snow—and this storm is dumping more than the normal amounts--still its just snow!

What is news is, last night, hat numbed 16 was finished.

This is another one of those hats that just knit its self.

I had a couple of false starts, and abandon it for a while.
But I picked up knitting it again Saturday evening the yarn and needles had resolved what ever differences they might have had—and this hat just appeared by Sunday.

And its one pretty hat,  at that!   It's just some odd bits and ends (not even my bits and ends, but some I inherited!) of Lambs Pride.. (and there are still more bits and ends left.. not a hats worth.. but…)

I am still uncertain—(but leaning towards YES) --on my I plan to visit the Lion Brand Studio today, snow or no snow—tomorrow will tell (either I did—and have the photo’s to show—or I wimped out--and won't!)

Some of you might know why... (and those who don't will just have to wait and see why!)

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FuguesStateKnits said...

Love the hats - and this one is really nice! Here in Bawlmer, "merlin," they are such wimps about the weather, it's pitiful! At least this time, the sand trucks were on the roads the night before the white stuff hit the fan, so the morning commute was not terribly awful (they closed everything but the courthouse, LOL). I don't remember us being such wimps when I grew up on Long Island!
Take care and thanks for the cool blog:)
Joan a/k/a FSK