Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last week I was freezing

Along with the rest of the north east.

This week, it’s mild. Not really warm-mid 40°(f)—(about 7° to 10°c) but the days are longer, and crocus and snow drops are still being shy—but they are there, poking up their heads. For sure, warmer days are ahead.

And I am still knitting and collecting hats--but getting closer, and closer to the total.
Friday last, Barbara came by with 2 more--
Isn’t the purple one pretty? 

The yarn is a Noro look alike—It’s Nashua’s Wooly Stripes (88 yards/$3). Smiley’s has it in 2 colors, and I know, I know, their high minimum purchase for those of you not in NYC makes ordering from them a drag—but its good to know about.

Still it’s something to consider if you’ve thinking about a Lady Eleanor or some other entralac project that needs long color changes.
Sunday, I bound off the teal fingerless gloves—Just in time not to need them!
(but I still haven't  photographed them.)

I have a huge amount of yarn left over--and a small 300 yard skein of some matching Zepher.  A cowl of some sort will be appearing—maybe a mobius—a simple seed or something similar in the hand painted—with a gossamer lacy edge in the Zepher.

But not right now!

The Black purl scarf has become my at home knitting—the newest hat—is my at work and on the subway knitting--at least for the next few days.

It will be just about identical to the Golden beanie with Braid-(seen yesterday)-
but in different colors --gold/green and purple for the braid, with the main portion of the hat in purple. (and this one will have a pompom, too!)

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