Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plan? There was a PLAN?

Actually there was.

I remember having an idea for an interesting shape to the heel –and I also remember, the first go at it didn’t work, and that I frogged back a few rounds and started again.

But what ever the plan was-- It's been lost to the mists of time.

This go at the sock, the plan is: Complete it!

So the heel is turned… a simple short row heel—with a small gusset (just 6 extra stitches) The heel was also carefully placed at the stretchiest part of the lace pattern—(The pattern is an uneven lace that has all the increases in row 1 and 10, and all the decreases in rows 4, 6, 8, and 14, 16, 18)

There are 1 and half repeats of the pattern on the front, and as a result, Row 1 has 6 extra stitches—when compared to row 8.  These stitches, plus the 6 stitches in the gusset, create 12 stitches/1.5 inches of ease a the point of the heel! –Enough to make a difference (a pleasant difference!) in the fit.

It’s a perfectly plain heel—worked in the same contrasting color as the I-cord.

The I-cord cast on, at the top of the cuff will, (at the top end) have an 3D acorn dangling, and at the bottom, an oak leaf.

Maybe, if I feel ambitious, I’ll duplicate stitch another acorn on the center back of the heel. But I doubt it—I do wear open back shoes (burk like stuff) but less in the winter than the summer.

If the heel going to be hidden in shoe, why bother?
The toe’s will be the same solid contrasting color... which will leave me a big chunk of the striped yarn left over –even with the relatively scant yardage of the Kroy Stripes (166 yards!) but I have some solid brown (Calzetteria) that can be trimmed with the left over—eventually!

PS: Do the cords of the circ’s seem curly to you?

When I learned to knit, the cords on Circ’s were cables.. metal cables not too different than piano wire! When super stiff cables like that are your starting point, a kink or two is nothing!

I  started out with somewhat straighter cords, but 3 months of being stuffed into a small project bag did a number on them!

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