Friday, March 06, 2009

SIn (and occasions there of)

I am nominally Christian. I was raised as one, but now days; I am lapsed, and at best am a deist. Still I know about sin –Boldand avoiding occasions of sin.

But the SIn I speak of is Stash Increases.
I have been working to avoid occasions of SIn.
First and foremost—I’ve just made it a habit not to go into yarn stores—and if in a Michael’s or ACMoore, not to walk over to the Yarn corner of the store.
Chia keeps  me (and others)in the know with info  about contests and give always on her blog—(but I don’t participate)

Friends like Carolyn have had sales to get rid of stash—and I passed—(I knew she had some beautiful yarns for sale)

I’ve even sold some of my stash, and given small bits away. 

The 16 hats I’ve made have made a dimple (not a dent) in my stash. My efforts have been somewhat successful. Yarn is being knit up, not pent up in stash. Then this week, I Sinned. 

First, Robyn shared some of her Lion Brand yarn with me.

Look at this lovely sports weight, Machine washable merino.
--Can you see mittens and a matching hat?
I can—I keep looking at Nanette’s mittens and hats-on her blog--and thinking—I could do that.
I should do that!
Now maybe I will do that!

Three of the skeins are from Robyn stash—the 4th(the black) forced its way into my life when I went to see the Lion Brand Studio Window display on Monday.

The  Sock yarn, too is from her—the 3 skeins are all partially (but insignificantly) used.

The Lemon Drop yellow is going to Tea Bird—(she has little feet!) but I find I always have left over from most sock yarns.. (and I have HUGE feet) so I am not worried about slightly incomplete skeins. (and besides sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, does it? (not even when it’s a suitcase full?))

Not photographed is the cone (200+ yards) of the Wool and Steel yarn—(I think that is going to turn into a Retro (1950’s) style hat with a veil..) and the 2 skeins of Sasha that also forced their way into my stash on Monday!
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