Friday, March 06, 2009

SIn (and occasions there of)

I am nominally Christian. I was raised as one, but now days; I am lapsed, and at best am a deist. Still I know about sin –Boldand avoiding occasions of sin.

But the SIn I speak of is Stash Increases.
I have been working to avoid occasions of SIn.
First and foremost—I’ve just made it a habit not to go into yarn stores—and if in a Michael’s or ACMoore, not to walk over to the Yarn corner of the store.
Chia keeps  me (and others)in the know with info  about contests and give always on her blog—(but I don’t participate)

Friends like Carolyn have had sales to get rid of stash—and I passed—(I knew she had some beautiful yarns for sale)

I’ve even sold some of my stash, and given small bits away. 

The 16 hats I’ve made have made a dimple (not a dent) in my stash. My efforts have been somewhat successful. Yarn is being knit up, not pent up in stash. Then this week, I Sinned. 

First, Robyn shared some of her Lion Brand yarn with me.

Look at this lovely sports weight, Machine washable merino.
--Can you see mittens and a matching hat?
I can—I keep looking at Nanette’s mittens and hats-on her blog--and thinking—I could do that.
I should do that!
Now maybe I will do that!

Three of the skeins are from Robyn stash—the 4th(the black) forced its way into my life when I went to see the Lion Brand Studio Window display on Monday.

The  Sock yarn, too is from her—the 3 skeins are all partially (but insignificantly) used.

The Lemon Drop yellow is going to Tea Bird—(she has little feet!) but I find I always have left over from most sock yarns.. (and I have HUGE feet) so I am not worried about slightly incomplete skeins. (and besides sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, does it? (not even when it’s a suitcase full?))

Not photographed is the cone (200+ yards) of the Wool and Steel yarn—(I think that is going to turn into a Retro (1950’s) style hat with a veil..) and the 2 skeins of Sasha that also forced their way into my stash on Monday!


Robyn said...

Hey, they don't call me the pusha-man for nothing...

Anonymous said...

I guess this is a bad time to offer you some bulky wool for hats.

gayle said...

Ooooooo, Nanette has pretty things to knit! Good choice!
And sock yarn definitely doesn't count as stash. I'm absolutely positively sure.

penny said...

You can probably make one pair of regular socks and a pair of anklets for miss teabird out of that ball of yarn. her feet are bigger than mine. and if you do contrast toes/ankle at least two regular pair. when i knit up some more stash and some sock yarn (that i swear multiplies when i'm not looking) i'm going to buy a ball of sock-ease and see just how tall i can make a pair of socks out of it. Not that i *really* want a pair of woolen tights...

i've not been to the LBYS for a while b/c I'm trying not to stash increase. *trying* ... every time i go in there at least one ball of something comes home with me. NOT good. i've enhanced way past where my yarn budget should be right now.

so I do the same. I just stop following those that tempt me. it's difficult, but it's a challenge.