Friday, March 27, 2009


If you had 100, no 1000, words to describe me, Stealthy wouldn’t likely make the list.

But that’s what I have been—stealthy!

I am working on stealth project. And between a social life (and a not so social life with my car in for repairs!) and making some jewelry, and picking up my car*, and stealth knitting I haven’t had too much blog fodder.
*my repair garage is (checked it on the odometer)— a full 14.5 miles from my home. In theory, it’s a 20 (or fewer) minutes drive there since most of the miles are on I-495 (aka LIE)—but reality is, it’s longer—
But th garage is  a good one (and even AAA can’t find an honest garage anywhere in Queens or Manhattan-—and that goes double when you are a woman)

But I have been working on my Mast socks-- which are rapidly approaching the toe.

Did I mention? Mast is a term for acorns, and other edible fruit and nuts that lie in the leaf litter of a forest floor. The design on the front of the sock is an acorn lace.

There will be some finishing work after that—a leaf (or rather a pair of knit leaves) and a pair of acorns for the back of the sock—and some weaving in—contrasting color trim for the cast on’s, and the heel and toes makes for ends to weave in.
It’s perfect timing! These socks will be finished just in time to not be worn.

But then, I never wear newly knit socks immediately. Do you?
I like to be able to admire the pristine beauty of a FO for a while before it is worn.
Last week, I wore for the first time the snow drop socks (completed back in October!)

First off, they were soft colors –spring like and with a snow drop motif, they were appropriate for mid march.

And secondly, they were a treat—something special for another wise grey cold rainy spring --officially, but not in any other way! -- day.

Mast will be finished this month, and put aside till a nice cool day, with winds and rain, and dreariness—the days of fall we don’t like to think about—and they will be my fall foliage colors for the day. And between now and then, they'll be  petted and admired, and kept from sweat feet and stinky shoes!

My stealth project (not a big deal, just one that is sub rosa for now) will be finished by the end of the month, and then like an April fool, I’ll be off to something new... 


penny said...

most of my socks don't have ends properly woven in because i have them on my feet so darn fast... i'm still waiting for the finishing fairy to come and fix my knits...

gayle said...

First I have to admire the sock yarn, before I even start knitting - it sits on my coffee table and I pat it and smile. (It took me 6 months to even wind a skein of STR into a ball...)
And I admire the finished socks as well - no hurry to wear them. Petting and cooing are perfectly normal behaviors, yes?

Melissa said...

I have cursedly warm feet (maybe because I stand on them *all day*) so I have to wait until it's cool to wear hand knits. I do like to have them out so I can admire them though :)