Monday, March 30, 2009

They’re Socks

The final, fussy  details haven’t been started—but the socks part has been completed.

The last pattern row was done listening to Franklin Habit yesterday at KnittyCity—He was there as part of his book tour for It Itches.

There was a pretty big turn out--(50 or so knitters). I was there with about half of the Sunday at Panera’s (West Babylon) crew.

My boss, Kim was there too, and other knitters I know –most of them, perhaps from the internet, but some I have met in REAL Life at Ravelry support parties, or Rhinebeck, or knit ins.. (and a lot of knitters I didn’t know)

I finished up the toes of the socks last knitwhen I got home. 
Today will start with the Oak leaf for the back –The acorns will be the last things knit..

And all of this before the 1st!--That's the deadline I've established for these socks.. 
As for  my list of things I want to, I plan to, knit grows exponentially!

There is the Black Purl scarf to finish (and the stealth project—really not a very big project—but details, details!)

The (proposed) pink silk scarf? Its being pushed to the back burner.

Instead Pink socks are saying me, Me, ME!(but they are not for me!)

My daughter Emily is participating in the Avon Walk for breast cancer research, (you can find her team page here)—and I’ve committed to making some prizes for a fund raising  event she is planning—Obviously, one of the prizes will be a pair of Think Pink socks.

I have some rose sock yarn and some Lion Brand pink sock yarn, and some white yarn (and pink dye) and some cottony pink sock yarn (a gift from Lisa) and –if push comes to shove—I have already knit (but never worn!) a pair of sock made with Patons Stretch sock yarn (in pink)—for a color that is one my least favorites—I sure do have a lot of it!

I’ll be making some fat quarter bags, too—In pink—natch—and some pink earings.. (not to many, I have very few pink beads!)

This photo is on the Number 3 train(on the way home) Liz, Lisa and Amy (and Rena's arm in the peach)--3 member of the West Babylon Panera group--and to the left was the most bewildered looking man. He was totally entranced (intreged?)  by the idea of some one using a drop spindle on the subway!


FuguesStateKnits said...

Only in New York!

Susie said...

Socks look great. It's so cool that you went to see Franklin Habit!