Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Do You Do…

Besides Knitting?
(Here, I am presuming that you read this blog because you do knit!)

I ask, because I hardly know a knitter who doesn’t also:
Felt (and Needle Felt)

and a fair number of knitters who also:
Print (and stamp)
Do Caligraphy
Make stained Glass
Make Jewelry
Work miniatures

It seems most knitters, (not all!) are crafty and creative in a lot of ways, and knitting is just another creative outlet.

Some times Knitting  their main creative outlet, sometimes its an adjunct..

Me? I’ve tried almost everything on the list. (some I can do--(well), some I can do (just) and some—well—my woodworking is 1000 times better than it was, but any one who took shop in HS, or JHS and passes is likely to be more skillful than I am!

(It’s a vicious cycle—
I am not very good, so I don’t do it often.Since I don’t do it often, I don’t own a lot (or the right) tools.
With out the right tools, I don’t do wood work often.
Lacking the proper tools, and practice using them,
I am not very good…)

I’ve made simple jewelry for years. Really, stringing  beads is child’s play—from flower (peace) beaded necklaces in the 1960’s—to knotted pearl necklaces–some jewelry making is really very simple.

But I’ve done more complex things,--beaded broaches, and even some fine jewely –buying gemstones, and mounting them in rings and sterling silver earing backs.

BoldIn recent years, I’ve also made some earings—for me, fancy one.

Wires, and finding, and beads—using pliers and cutters and some skill.  
I must admit, I learned a lot just watching Susan—of Sulu-Design.

This week, the sock is making slow progress—I get a full 4 rounds worked on both socks on my subway ride home.. (and sometimes a few rounds done at work) –but Sunday and last evening, instead of knitting, I’ve been making earing..This collection is going to my daughter.  

The pair on the right is the pair in the upper left hand corner of the collection.. (white beads don't show up very well on a white background do they?)

Mine collection? I’m wearing a pair right now!(see image above!)
And I have a  dozen or so new pairs--some almost identical to pairs I made for my daughter, some completely different. 

Tonight is the LIC knitting group--and tomorrow I'll be making more earings, --Pink ones--and a pink bag(or two!) --as raffle prizes.  My daughter is signing up for the Avon Walk to support breast cancer research/support.   I'll be supplying some 'think pink' things for her to use for fund raising--and I'll knit some things too.

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