Sunday, April 26, 2009

And Again, (some more, and photos!)

Yes, the yarn is lovely. I stole it from Kelly (aka LICraftGirl)--it was part of a stash she had snagged at a garage sale.. (and this, beautiful as it is, was ho-hum compared to many of the other yarns—and a single skein, to boot)

Melanie, Melanie, Of course you can knit this sweater (in days—it knits up fast!)--because you, dear heart, would follow the pattern, (a pattern that hundreds, if not thousands have followed and knit) instead of having the ego that thinks “I can make it better”--(and didn't!)

And you would just cast on with out giving it a second thought, and not insist upon, a not particularly hard cast on (Judy's Magic Cast On) –but one that requires a bit of attention-since I was doing the cast on as reverse stocking knit, not stocking knit.

And then not paying attention. (again, and again.. I have mentioned, haven't I, that I am a slow learner?)--You can see the lovely detail today (it really was worth the effort!)

The cast on was done in Patons Classic Merino, as will be the lace (and perhaps the last few rows of the yoke!) The lovely yarn from Kelly is a full 4 ounces—but i don't know how many yards—and it's just the 1 skein.. so lets all keep our fingers crossed that we make it to buttonhole 3—and maybe a row or two more!


teabird said...

That yarn is even more jewel-like in person! Now I can't wait to see the lace in the purple.

(If I do decide to knit this sweater, you know who'll be holding my hands...)

penny said...

This is a fun sweater to knit and requires a bit of paying attention. i likewise started and ripped the first few ridges many times.. and then when i first got it, forgot the button-hole i wanted. ;)