Monday, April 13, 2009

I am still whittling down the gusset--

Since I didn’t do much knitting over the weekend.

This is a busy week for me—so this weekend I did a lot of prep work.

I have 2 pots of coffee made and cooling in the fridge (I drink a big (16 oz!) mug (travel mug) of coffee every morning (well between 8:30 am and noon—

Need I say it? -- I am a bit obsessive about coffee.

I freeze coffee ice cubes (actually ice bullets... big chunks!) And pre make my coffee and chill it (I drink ice coffee year round.) this way I have cold, non diluted coffee.   One 1 pot of coffee became “coffee ice cubes” and the other pot is left liquid.

I got oatmeal made too. Since I like to have oatmeal for breakfast, and being picky, I want slow cooking steel cut oats, not mush quick oats.—and I am not willing to spend 45 minutes cooking it each day.. So much easier to make a big pot, and portion out servings to reheat each day.

Fruits are the third component of my breakfast—but the easiest... NYC is blessed with lots of fruit stands. I can buy ahead and schlep fruit to work. Or I can buy fresh every day on the way to work... (I do both!)—and I do it both ways—I sometimes schlep home fruit for an after dinner sweet.

So breakfast for the week is taken care of.

Clothes too... Laundry was washed, dried, folded and the all too important last step PUT AWAY was done too.
The weather here has been normal –one day spring like, one day as warm as summer, one day blustery as cold as winter. It’s the time of year that requires a range of clothing—and some days, layers (donned or discarded) as needed--its hard on planning... and it means both wintery and summer wardrobes.

I did some grocery shopping too, -- And precooking.

I hate to have more pots to wash then diners—and since I often dine alone. I don’t want more than 1 pot—which can be limiting.

I’ve learned some tricks.. Like salad—instead of cooked vegetable dish --one pot eliminated—and precooking entries is another trick. My freezer is filled now with some containers of chili (with beans) and some home made soups… so dinners this week will be pretty simple. (And there will be few or no pots to wash!—making for a quick clean up.)

All this prep will leave me time to check in on my daughter’s cat. (DD is a way for a few days—and Siobhan is getting old and gets lonesome if she doesn’t see someone every day—so I stop in and pet and cuddle her till she purrs.)

And to get gas and an oil change—like many, I get my car repairs one place, my gas another (my car repaid doesn’t sell gas) and my oil changes in a third place (a quick lube place)--

I started the weekend by renewing my driver’s license. –Every ten years its new photo time and new eye test –well driving license eye test. I get my eyes examed more frequently than once every 10 years!

And I am still working on some special projects—no single project is very time consuming. But all together—it’s enough to keep me busy!


Susie said...

Don't you love weekends like that? You get a lot of little things done which leaves more time for big things. Like knitting!

gayle said...

I'm a big fan of cook-once, reheat-later. I cook on the days I have the most time, making enough to have leftovers on the days I'm pressed.

Busy busy busy you! Hopefully, you'll be able to squeeze in some knitting.