Monday, April 20, 2009

I rarely knit sweaters--

For myself-- I get so little use from them.

I am never cold –unless I am sick, and then I am more likely to cuddle under a blanket than wear as sweater.  My co-op apartment is usually so overheated I never need a sweater indoors.

I hate the bulk of sweater sleeve under a coat (not that I wear coats often) —but I do knit and wear vests.

I am so, so picky about sweaters too…
I want loose necks (I hate high or tight necks—snug turtle necks are a kind of torture I think)—but I don’t want a loose or baggy neck either...
I want ¾ sleeves... Long sleeves are OK... but not ribbed cuffs, and nothing so loose I can’t push up and out of my way (that a lot to ask of a long sleeve!)

I wouldn’t want a sweater at all—but I have been working in the ‘front desk’ of a computer café—one with out heat—but even if it had heat, every time the door opens, there is, (well there was) a blast of cold air. And I have actively wanted a sweater many days this past winter--Come summer, it’s the opposite--the door is left open to catch a breeze!—But winter will come again, I will need and want a sweater—again!

I couldn’t help noticing how lovely the February Lady’s Sweater is (or is it the Lady February sweater?)

Amy made one, and so has Rena, and so has Kelly—and each has been pretty than the next.

So I pretty much decided--I was going to make one.

I have yarn enough—(for a dozen sweaters!) but—mostly boring solids. I have some hand painted yarns--but nothing in worsted—and not enough of any to do a whole sweater.

Then yesterday, Kelly was showing of a huge (one of those glad EXTRA Large storage) bags of yarns she snagged at a garage sale. It contained goodies like 900 yards /double stranded (mohair and rayon)/hand painted + other hand painted wools (2 and 3 huge skeins)—and then this odd skein.. that cried out to me.

Kelly looked at it and said ‘Eh—its nice, but look at this…” and pulled out another hank of beautiful yarn. 

And I told her.. I am stealing this skein.
I told her.. It my birthday (not for another 10 days—but…) and she said Keep it!
(Isn’t she wonderful? But then, we are always gifting each other yarn and other goodies at the West Babylon meetings!)

So now I have a beautiful skein of mystery yarn to knit the yoke—and as for the body?
Maybe the light grey I had original planned?
Or the slate grey?
Or should I match up the dark teal that the hand painted features?
Or try to match one of the rose or ruby reds?
Or some other color?
Or some other neutral?

I will let some skeins out to play with the handpainted, and see which colors play well together! I can hardly wait to get started!

First—of course—I need to finish the Grey socks.. –another inch and I’ll be shaping the toe. Tuesday will be 3 weeks that I have been knitting them-- Enough, already!

My mental queue is getting backlogged—I always have more plans for knitting that I can do… fighting for top place in the queue are these contenders:
The 1950’s/Retro cocktail hat
A new version of the Russian hat
Think pink socks
A lace shawl…
Pink potholders.

Non knitting projects are also demanding my time—
pink bags, a trimmed apron, and pink earings—for my DD fund raising projects
Pretty little paper books –made from recycled calendars..

A few home improvement projects
I NEED desperately to do something to organize my stash—yes, it's neat enough in clear zippered ‘suitcases’ but where to put the suitcases!?—and then there is the Art work piled up in the living room—waiting patiently to be hung…

One of my stated goals--since I started back to work--has been to replace my (the original 1960's installed when the building was build) wall hung bathroom lav with a new one.. something else I haven't done! I haven't even bought a new lav or vanity or the new hardware.
(the old lav is chipped and stained, the faucet is flaking off chrome, the stopper is broken, and the hot water has a leak... It is, in all ways, worn out and needing replacement!)
(and this week end—nothing got done.. I had a good excuse, but…)

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gayle said...

I'd audition lots of colors, but I almost think a cool color (the teal? a blue-gray?) would be the best choice - letting all that red and rosy POP.
And in winter, we need all the color we can get...