Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I woke up in the middle of the night--musings of a lunatic

A big, almost full moon was shining so brightly, I woke me.

It won’t be full till 10 am tomorrow—10:56am to be precise. (I just checked with the NYTimes for the exact time.  The Times is a newspaper that I love because it has astronomical information, (when the sun rises and sets, and the moon, and Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn—(well, information about which ever planets currently visible)  And it doesn’t have astrology! 

(What? you think the positions of the stars (based in large part on where the stars where several thousand years ago!—and  totally ignoring that the fact that the  light that reaches us from the stars is million of years old--is an important determanent in your life?--Not me!)

Yes, I know the sign of the zodiac I was ‘born in’ –both the western/European system and the Chinese system.  But I think that it’s silly to think these things have any effect on my life!

I have also been informed that today; April 8, 2009 is the first day of a 28 cycle.

We in the west tend to use the solar calendar, but many cultures use the lunar calendar—in general they don’t coincide.

Since a lunar month is 28 (some odd) days long, (about  28.5) and 28.5 goes into 365.4 (a year) 12.5 times. This is why some years, we have a 'blue moon' 2 full moons in a single calendar month--since calendar months are, except for February, longer than lunar months.  
Getting solar years and lunar years to 'line up' is not an easy thing!

But after 28 years, the cycle begins anew—Cycles like this are almost never part of our lives anymore—We keep time by minutes and hours, days and weeks printed on calendars.. The Sun and moon, and there cycles are a lost art to most of us.

Do you know how the date for Easter is decided? Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the equinox.
The equinox was March 21st, tomorrow is the first full moon since then, and Sunday is Easter.

In the Jewish calendar, today is the day that the 28 cycle that marks the intersection of the solar and lunar calendars. It’s a day for blessing the sun.
A good day for spreading goodness and peace—something all religious faiths endorse--so I offer you my blessing. 

Here in NYC, the sun is hiding behind the clouds—which are intermittently spitting (a light mist) and flurrying.   And it’s Cold!—April is the cruelest month—and today is a cruel day.. gone is warm sunshine and promise of warm days to come.. instead, April is flirting with winter! Hurry back sunshine!

(Tomorrow-photo’s of the simple socks –with heels! last night I finished the leg (I thought I’d end at 7.5 inches—but instead I knit a full 8 inches! Time now for the flap, the turn and gussets—there will be a bit of detail added here.. and then back to plain knitting)

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gayle said...

When I was a kid, we raised sheep - mostly meat breeds. Since a huge portion of our lamb market was for the Greek community for Easter, we had to find out the date for the following spring's Greek Orthodox Easter (usually not the same as Western Easter) and work backwards to figure out when to breed the ewes. I don't know how they calculated their holiday - we usually called the public library in late summer for the info. (Pre-Internet days...)