Friday, April 10, 2009

The Interminable Heel Flaps

Are now done-- And 1 heel has been turned, (and the first of 4 sets of gusset stitches picked up)–as of 7AM.

Now, (mid morning) the second heel is turned, the second set of gussets have been picked up and I am back to working in the round .

The flap is 3 inches deep, (not unusual) but the linen stitch is dense, row wise—I picked up 26 to 27 stitches (1 per chain) along the edge (not the expect 16 to 18 (for a 32 stitch heel flap) so the gussets will be extra deep.

Likely, I’ll decrease 2 rows, then skip a row (8, not 6 decreases every 6 rounds) other wise the gusset will extend almost to the toe!

I am very happy with the way the colors of the two yarns interplayed. Light grey some times came before or after the light olive (and the two shade are so close—its hard to tell them apart.. in other places the light taupe came close to the golden brown-- The heel flaps show the interesting kind of color play I hoped to see in the Latvian braids—not that they look bad, its just I didn’t make any effort to start the socks at the same place in the colorway, and I did the same with the Lemon drop yarn—I just started at the end.. and made no effort to cherry pick the colorway for the most optimal intersection.

Sometimes I do make this effort (a clear stripe, vs. these sort of stripes) are likely to be perfectly matched) but sometimes its fun to just let the yarn take charge.

And while I take the subway regularly, (and not too infrequently meet other knitters) I’ve never met a knitter or crocheter from Ravelry –or--more specifically, any one from Ravelry’s Subway knitters group—except when I have planned to do so.

This week, two different knitters (women of a certain age/ (that is to say, older than me!) both were interested in my socks.

One woman (from Uzbekistan) commented she always knit socks toe up, the other looked at my 2 on 2 circ method with a bit of distain, and said she always worked on 5 pins. (Neither had knitting with them, nor were either of them wearing hand knit socks.)


gayle said...

I'm enjoying watching your linen stitch experiment. Will you be using it on the toes, as well?

Maybe your phantom sock-knitters will be inspired to bring their knitting with them now - if only to show you "how it should be done"... 8)

penny said...

i never have either, and people seem interested in my knitting in spurts, i wonder if it's related to the colour of the project. Hmm..