Thursday, April 09, 2009

It’s My OWN Fault.

I had to opt for a 2 color linen stitch for the heel. It looks fine--but it is slow going—the linen stitch is pretty dense—which makes it durable (and a great choice for heels or toes.) if slow.

It would go faster if I knit more. I really can expect much progress when I only work on the socks on the subway, and then only on the way home—mornings are reserved for glancing at the headlines, doing the crossword puzzle, and then actually reading the news.

And by Thursday, when the puzzles are getting harder.(they get progressively harder, everyday, with Saturday’s being the hardest—Sunday’s is bigger, but it has a title that gives you a clue to a theme.. and that makes it easier) I don’t always finish the crossword in the morning ride.

So I have scant inch of knitting to show for yesterday’s work.

It looks good… but it is very slow going.. (oh, that the 3rd time I’ve said that—I guess I really want it to go faster!)

And yes, it would have looked better if I had eased into the linen stitch… working the center 6 stitches, for a few rounds, then the center 8, then the center 10.. then increasing to the center 14, 18, 20 and then increase faster still, 26, and finally 32—and then starting to work all 32 stitches as a flap…

But its not like these are the last socks I am ever going to knit. I can add that improvement to the next pair of plain sock that I knit and that I use the linen stitch as a heel stitch.. (well that is, if remember!)

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