Thursday, April 02, 2009

It’s taken long enough

They have been 3+ months in the making--But they are so worth it...

I love them! (Look to previous post for front views)

The Fall is my favorite time of the year, anyway—and now, I have these great socks to wear when it rolls around (knowing me, I’ll hold off –and let them make a public debut at Rhinebeck)

Just look at these lovely little acorns!
Last night I cast on my Lion Brand Sock Ease sock—You might ask; What about the Pink socks you’re supposed to knit for your daughter?

Well Tuesday, at the LIC knit meeting, Kim (blog less Kim) offered to loan me a book with a sock pattern (for pink ribbon socks)—that also includes some patterns for illusion knitted pink ribbon wash clothes--and other Think Pink patterns.

But I won't have the book till next week, and I have to have something to knit in the meanwhile!

So these socks are going to be simple socks (the fancy part—a Latvian twist at the cast on edge, and some Latvian braiding—is half done.. after that, its going to be a bit of ribbing then plain stocking knit, with a no brainer Flap/turned/gusseted heel –(nothing I can’t do almost in my sleep)

And instead of getting a scant 2 rounds done on the way home, (the lace pattern wasn't hard,but it did involve 3 sets of Center raised decreases, and a K/YO (7 times into 1 stitch)  every seventh row. Which is slow going one a moving train with size 2 needles.

I will easily get twice as many rows done with plain knitting—and will make short work of them.


All that is Pie said...

THose are pretty good. Really charming. Did you see the book about socks designed just to wear with clogs, with pretty designs on the back of the heels? your leaf is reminiscent of those for some reason.

sjanova said...

Wow, those are terrific. The acorns are perfect. What shoes do you have that will show off these outstanding socks to their fullest??

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

The acorns really make the socks!

P.S. I posted and then deleted my comment because apparently I don't know the difference between leaves and acorns.