Friday, April 03, 2009

Lemon Drop and Taffy sock

Remember the image of the balls of yarn?

It looked like I had absconded with yards and yards of yarn—(the lemon drop yellow colorway.) from the Lion Brand Studio.

But the lemon drop ‘ball’ was all air, and the taffy –an all too solid cake from the ball winder.

A dozen and half rows of lemon drop--and it’s more than half gone!

But it’s done its work.

If anything, the colors of the two yarn are so well paired, it’s hard to tell that there  is a second color in use

You can see it a bit—the cast on (in the Lemon drop), was followed by some rows of stocking knit in the taffy, and then some rounds of
 Latvian braid (after the Latvian twist and joining into a round.) with the 2 colors of yarn.

The braid has interesting look--the color changes in the yarn changes the over all effect of the braiding (not to mention the blurring effect of having 2 very similar colors work their way together—which makes the braid even less evident) --I know, I know, the image is drab--blame it on the grey raining skys.. I'll take an other photo tomorrow or on Sunday.. with brighter light... and you can see everything better then. 

But I like it—it’s just enough to move the socks from dead plain--

3 inches of the socks are done –and now the race is on to the heel...

I had sort of thought of doing the heels in the lemon drop yellow-- but I don’t have enough left for that-- maybe the heels will be done in a 2 color linen stitch. .I
should have enough left for that—(but not enough for a full pair of heel flaps and turnings!)

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penny said...

and here i've been kvetching that there's not a solid to pair with these beautiful colours and you go and show me how i could pair them.

thank you.. i think. ;) (i've left that studio with so much yarn these past few weeks.. i'm knitting it but ...)