Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Moving along

Last week, (Tuesday) I was finishing up the Mast Socks.

Wednesday,(past) I started my simple socks in the new Lion Brand Sock Ease.
(Mea culpa!  I looked up the yarn, and see I have been calling it the wrong colorway.. I am knitting with the Rock Candy (mostly grey and taupe) colorway, not the Taffy color way) 

Today they are 6 inches long, (that is there were 6 inches long at 7 am) By tonight, I expect I’ll be an other inch and half longer, and I'll be ready to start the flap!

Little bits, of other knitting, are getting done… (My deadline looms!)--the weather has interfered --I need good light, and lately the weather has been all  April showers!

And I am working on a multi-part tutorial—mostly because I am lazy.

There are times when I want to share, I feel like a vessel full of knitting information—Overflowing!  I feel compelled to share with others, all that has been so generously shared with me.

Then again, I get pissy and short tempered when reading knitting forums, on Ravelry or else where--(What AGAIN? Some one is asking this question AGAIN? Didn’t I just answer it?)
I don’t always express it, but I do think it! (and yes, those who know me best are snickering at the idea I don’t always express it!

But I if I set up a good tutorial, I can point beginners, (with their repetitive beginner questions) to my tutorial—and feel good about. I can feel I am helping them--with out going over the same thing, time and time again.  (If they don’t like the way I’ve presented the information, they can look else where!)  But at least I know I have tried!

It’s a bit self centered to point people to my blog. BUT—well, I am a bit self centered.

I am a good teacher, too; and willing to spend the time to outline the material, write it up, take and edit photo’s, and make a YouTube video when needed. Each tutorial I do, I do better (It's a learning curve for me, too, teaching this way!)

And it’s a bit of conflict for me. I teach (that is, I get paid to teach knitting!) and I realize that my knowledge is valuable. (As is my time)--and I don't want to give away the store (of knowledge!) 

But I learned most of what I know, not from classes I paid for, but from aunt (real and honorary) from Grandma’s, and Bubba’s, and Nana’s –Not all my own, but a host of women who made me part of their knitting family.

I am the product of the generosity of thousands of other knitter--from hundreds of generations. (So I feel the need to be generous--and tutor for free.) 

But I also know, however that some of us, don’t learn well in isolation, or from reading.

We need instruction and interaction.  We need to see what we are going to do, before we start, To see what we are learning being done; to hear about it; to do it.  We need to watch others do it, and to help them—or at least, be able  articulate what we are doing, and get (immediate!) feed back. 

And a class is the best way to meet all these needs. And I am very happy to be paid to teach!


FuguesStateKnits said...

I can vouch for your YouTube videos! If it weren't for your video on the Channel Island Cast on, I never would have tried it - and I've been knitting since 1964! What can I say - I'm structurally challenged!

Susie said...

I'm sure I've seen your videos on YouTube. That's how I started knitting last year...a trip to School Products the YouTube videos. So thank you for taking the time to do what you do because without you, and women like you, I wouldn't be able to do what I do.

Anonymous said...

I met you on Ravelry, now I visit with you on your blog. Thanks for sharing what you know about knitting. Some of us certainly need more people like you. I know you get paid to teach, but there are some of us who benefit who can't afford paying for lessons.