Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Russet Leaves

(Who is Russet? Where did he go? Why should I care?)

Oh wait, russet is also a color name--and these leaves are really to bright to be russet--but it is a fun bit of word play!

And yes, the leaves are knit and tacked in place, and looking good.

Inside the sock, ends have been woven in, as well; all the ends except for the tail where the acorns should be sewn on.

Oh, right Acorns--there are supposed to be acorns. 3 dimensional acorns hanging from the I-cord tail.

But the Acorn’s aren’t… 
They are on the needle (A LIE—the stuff I started last night, I don’t like, and will be frogged-- all 10 rounds. )Let’s see, a cast on of 4, with 3 increase rounds… Minute’s worth of work!

But I am happy with the oak leaves—and the socks in general.
And I will have months to enjoy them before I wear them!

I am so confident about getting the acorns finished today—that last night I divided a ball of Lion Brand Sock Ease (the taupe grey color called Toffee) and packed it in my bag for something to work on the way home.

The last time I was at the Lion Brand Studio, I reeled out a few yards of the Lemon Drop sock yarn—Just enough for a bit of contrasting color on the cast on edge and cuff—the toffee is grey with a bit of yellow and light brown highlights.

The Lemon drop color way is mostly yellow (a bit brighter than the yellow in the grey yarn) with light brown and green highlights—2 shades of green—a bright spring green, and grayish olive green.

I think the colors pair up nicely.

One of the features of the Lion Brand Studio is cones of yarns to experiment with—I am experimenting mixing the colors!



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Melissa said...

Those Russet socks are awesome! So fall. And I think the Toffee and Lemon Drop yarns go very nicely together.