Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is my birthday…

Yes, May day.
An international communist holiday.
A pagan feast day (Beltane)
In the Hawiian islands, it's Lei Day

This year, I have decided to get older.

For some years now, I have been 47. It was a good age.
47 is, of course, a prime number, a befitting age for someone in their prime.

But--a problem has come about.. I claim to be 47—but passing for 47 is getting harder with every grey hair!
( I stopped coloring my hair some 4 years ago, and now, instead of blonde, my dishwater grey blonde hair is the pepper of an over all salt and pepper color.)

Another issue is, I have friends who really are (but don’t look it!) 47—well it’s a bit of stretch to look at both of us, and convince yourself we are the same age. I don’t want to force them into lying about their age.

In addition, I knit, and frequent knitting sites--and well, I have been knitting 48 years..(and admit to that!)

Now I took to knitting like a duck to water, but it’s pretty hard to believe that I was so precocious that I was knitting before I was born.

So Tomorrow I am going to acknowledge that I am no longer 47.

The next prime is 53, the prime after that, 59 is too old (I am not yet that old!)

So I’m getting 5 years older tomorrow.

Good bye 47, Hello 53!

(and if you read this blog,and have never commented, gift me with a comment for my birthday, tomorrow!)
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