Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When I was a child

I dreamed of being grown up-- of being rich, and famous, and understood.

I was going to be a writer, of course—and live alone, high on a hilltop, looking out at the mountains.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to be writing—but I suspect it was poetry.

While I have worked on and off at writing –both professionally and for my own pleasure—it’s not something I has made me rich.

Or famous. Today, with 16 followers to my blog is about as famous as I have ever been—which makes me a very small fish, in large ocean!

As for being understood—well I have learned to be more understanding.
I am a bit less self-centered. Change is hard, and even when I embrace it, I still often find that I get dragged along rather than gracefully accompanying it.

What I never dreamed as a child is what I am doing. My life is very different than my parents lifes, and very different than anything I imagined.

I still live in the same city I was born in. I’ve moved around inside of NYC—but I’ve never left it—I doubt I ever will. I love living here.

And while I love and in awe of the mountains—I can’t imagine living in a rural location. I am one of those people that makes Wyomingers happy.. I want to come visit—enjoy the views--and then go the hell away!.. (I am happy to leave it empty once again for them.)—I count Wyoming as one of the prettiest (what a trite word for the majesty of Wyoming!) place I’ve seen.—but then, I love to travel, and there are very few places that I have loved visiting.

I certainly never thought that computers and all the related technology would be as big a part of my life as it has been. (I know, I am not alone there—Did anyone really see this coming?)

I saw movies and television, and my dad even owned a movie camera, but home movies are not quite the same as YouTube.---and I have come to really enjoy YouTube—even if I am just barely able to make it work for me.

But more than anything-- what I am loving about technology today is the interconnectedness… How this(1) is connected to this(2), is connected to this(3), and this(4) and this(5)and this(6) and(follow the right path on the last link, and you'll find me at the end!
The connections are endless..

And this is mostly just the technology side--slip over to the art side, and a whole new set of connections develop—and collide!

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Jaimi said...

For the record: On Bloglines, you have 36 followers.