Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday—(post) and Today

I never got this posted yesterday---

Progress and Mistakes

A bit of both today.
Here are the socks, with the fair isle heel flap(s)almost  half done.I should finish them up today and maybe even get the turning done.

The February Lady Sweater?
The good news—I had enough yarn to get the third button hole completed in the lovely multi-color yarn.I could have done 1 more row, --but then the color change would have shown on the outside of the sweater. I cast on in the  solid purple, and made a neat color change there—So a neat color change was in order for the bottom edge.

The pattern calls for a single row with some eyelets (increases)—further down, but since my ‘plan’ was plain garter yoke in multi color yarn; with the lace in solid purple, I am making a small modification.
I made a row of K2tog/YO’s (no net increase) and 3 ridges of garter, and the another row of K2tog/YO’s--only some are going to be k1, YO (the called for pattern increase) and others are going to be the K2tog YO—the result will be another row of beading.. (as the K2to/YO pattern is called)
The second row of beading will hid the increases. This makes the last few rows of garter a bit
 lacy—and makes the two tone design a bit consistent—Fancy yarn, plain garter stitch—Plain yarn, fancy stitch work.
Only late last night, in my haste-- I messed up! The row of beading was done on the wrong side, and yes, it does matter!
The best news is, after the increase, I will only need 4 more rows and I then I can divide the work (and reduce the number of stitches per row!) and start the lace..

So today’s first order of business is frogging that row—but that won’t be done for hours! Since tonight is LIC Knit get together. I should have the yoke finished tonight! (And will have some
 photographic evidence of my  progress, tomorrow!)

What's change? Where do I stand today?

In spite of my lofty plans (yesterday)  today’s reality is:

Good News! The garter is done! On to lace! Off with sleeve (stitches)!
(not done yet, but...)

On with something thing more interesting than endless rows of knit stitch, who’s only respite was an increase (or 8) every other row.
Here is the beading detail that elevate the solid purple wool to LACE. It’s a bit more than the pattern details, but not too much. (and it was a bit more interesting than the plain garter!--but then anything would have been!)

Not so good news:
The socks still don’t have a full heel flap— forget about even thinking about the turning!  But here’s a peek at the bit of lace at the top edge--when I stretch the ribbing (as I will when I wear the socks, the lace looks fine (and not at all to big!) 

It's not really a delicate lace-- it will stand up to being tugged on.. and stand up on its own, above the ribbing. 

Black yarn obscures all the details.. but the lace? It's a pattern of 3 row buttonholes!


FuguesStateKnits said...

Love what you've done to the February Lady Sweater! This is really a nice variation and you're right - anything to break up the monotony of garter stitch!
I've gotten past the sleeve division and it's going a LOT faster:) The "gull lace" stitch is very easy to memorize. You will be done weeks before I am I think!
Take care,
joan aka fsk

Susie said...

I can't wait to see the completed sweater. The colors are gorgeous.