Saturday, May 09, 2009

15 repeats—and the end of Skein..

Well, I row short of a full 15 repeats of the Gull lace The sleeve has 14 repeats, so the body is just slightly longer than the sleeve now When I finish that row, it will be time to start a new skein.

--Only I won’t—I’ll skoot off and make the second sleeve!

Looking at the first sleeve, it is amazingly obvious how much my gauge changes when I knit flat vs in the round –I should have gone up a needle size!

I don’t think it matters. (I SEE the difference, but no one but a few knitters will notice!)

15 repeats of the gull lace is over 2 inched longer in the body (knit flat) than 14 repeats in the sleeve! (In the sleeve, lace and 14 rows of garter are shorter than the 15 repeats of the same pattern worked flat for the body!)

This is all the better from me—after I finish the left sleeve, it won’t take much to finish the body!
As I work the last row of the last lace repeat, with the last bit of yarn of this skein, I am going to spread the body stitches out over 2 circs. Then when I finish the second sleeve, I’ll be able to try it on—and see how many more inches I need to work to finish the body.

I was afraid of running short of yarn.. but I have 2 full skeins left—and the first sleeve didn’t use a full skein, and I got 10 full repeats of the lace from one skein—so I will have enough and then some!


teabird said...

beautiful, Helen. the colours are so rich!

penny said...

So colourful! I am binding off my sleeves now (I knitted them 2-up because I knit anything I can 2-up) and wish I had thought to go down a needle size but whatever... the kimonoesqueness of the sleeves is fun. Now to decide how long I want it to be. I'm using much less yarn than I anticipated. YAY!