Monday, May 04, 2009

Chugging along.

One sleeve finished-- (it’s pretty short, just coming past the elbow—but that is just how I like my ¾ sleeves!)—and I am back to working on the body.

I ended the garter stitch hem with a row of beading (lace) –matching the beading at the top of the sleeve—it’s little details like that (repeating a motif, again and again) that make for a good design in my opinion.

(Which is why I didn’t think much of the Lion Brand sock I made last month.. there wasn’t any unifying element (except the use of contrasting yarn)—Latvian twist cast on, Latvian braid trim, but then linen stitch for the heel stitch, and stripes for the toes—a real hodgepodge of stitch work—fine for work-a-day socks, but not my best work design wise!)

But this is a sweater—and attention to detail is important!
The cast on is a reverse stocking knit tubular one—in the solid purple--(and the tails ends of the cast on got woven in this weekend, too) 

Then the yoke-- plain garter stitch, in the fancy yarn.
With the return to the solid purple yarn, a bit of lace—2 rows of beading in the garter stitch, before switching to the gull lace.

The hem is once again garter stitch—with a row of beading, introducing once again that element of design from the shoulder to the hem—and reinforcing the idea of PURPLE=lace work.

I started to look for buttons—and I think I will have to head up to the garment district (between 7th and 8th Avenues.. from 37th Street north to 42nd Street)—or maybe just take the subway an extra stop and go to my local button store. (GREAT BUTTONS) I know just how lucky I am—I have lots of resources with in walking distance!

I don’t think I want metal buttons—I haven’t fully ruled them out, but I think I want a multi color button…with mostly purple. Finding something that is just right is going to be a bit of a challenge!

(A few rounds of the gusset have been worked too.. but socks are just socks.—and I didn’t get any photo’s taken)


teabird said...

I wonder what a couple of frogs in the purple would look like...

gayle said...

Good luck with the button search! Mostly purple with smidges of the the fancy yarn colors would be ideal. With your resources, you have a good chance of finding just the right thing - up here, I'd have to make my own out of polymer clay to get what I wanted...