Monday, May 11, 2009

First off… no photos!

I left my camera at work this weekend—(it was safe and sound and just were I left it this AM) but that means No Photos.

Not that I have much to show--I worked Saturday morning—and knit nothing Saturday evening!

Sunday, finished off the last row of the lace repeat (and the last of the skein) and got to work on sleeve 2 of February Lady—but I just got 2 repeats done--hardly enough progress to see!

Thanks to Liz, I got a stash enhancement.. (yeah, just what I need MORE YARN!) All of it lovely, some of it NORO. One skein is crocheted into a large circle—it will be frogged—and 4 or 5 more skeins after that—and other great yarns, too.  You’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to see!

Last week Robyn reminded me what fun a potlatch can be. So I am going to be looking for some boxes, and packing them with goodies, and getting ready for one. I KNOW me-- I need to have everything packed and ready to go (to the post office) before I start a give away. Other wise—well, it takes me forever!

Coming up (in just 11 weeks—a blink of eye time wise!)is the 3rd anniversary of this blog—I think a give away is in order—Some sock yarn, some worsted, some needles (I’ve decided I really do hate bamboo needles)—and some other goodies.

It won’t start till July –but I have to begin now!

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