Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going, going, (not quite gone)

No photo’s—but I’ve finished the 22 repeats of the gull lace, and finished the skein of yarn, but haven’t finished the 7 garter ridges that make up the last inch and half of hem.
3 ridges are done.. 3 and half really, since I ended on the wrong side.
But it was midnight, and I was out of yarn, and there is tonight!

I still have yarn 2 partial skeins, left over from the sleeves—so having enough is not problem.

I will finish it tonight…and take a simple photo of it finished. But, then, of Friday, and get a friend to photograph it—on me.. (without an outstretched arm or mirror image with the camera and flash in the photo)

I still need buttons --and I doubt that I’ll have them before photoshoot 1 –Friday AM—but maybe by the afternoon I’ll have found some. –I have some plans with friends Friday evening, maybe by then, the February Lady will have buttons. and there will be a photo shoot 2. 
Finding buttons it is one of my ‘assigned’ chores for Friday.

And before I move on, I am going to make a pair of under sleeves.

Something like wrist warmers—a tube of lace (modified slightly—with a single (or double) purl between each pattern—to make it just a tad stretchy) that will serves as an under sleeves.

Kim made these stunning sleeves—and they are so practical—(Drat she doesn’t have a photo of HER version!) --which are beautiful--on her Ravelry Project page yet (that is a ravelry link, and won't work if you're not a member yet.)

Take yesterday-- In the day time, it was nice, a bit cool, but not cold. Walking about in a short sleeves shirt was possible.

But once the sun went down, and the temperature dropped a few degrees and it was too cool to be comfortable with out something on your arms.

I think the February Lady could use the same thing--something matching, something to cover your arms (something close fitting) from wrist to elbow..
I don’t have much yarn, --so they won’t be a full length sleeves—just a bit more. A bit of something to let the sweater work—on cool days, and on slightly cooler nights!

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