Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I worry about my stash

I mean my SABLE--because well, I think my stash has reach SABLE proportions.

This weekend, (and a few weekends back) a woman on LI had a garage sale.
Her mother had died back in December, and she was cleaning out the house, preparing to sell it.

She needed to get rid of the stuff. The Stuff is Yarn. I got some of the stuff. Like I need more stuff!

The beautiful skein that is the yoke of my February Lady? It was a skein from her SABLE..(via LICraftGirl.) Kelly went to the first sale she had a few weeks ago.

Saturday past? Liz and Rena each got a bag (a XXXL zip log bag) of yarns.
Rena got, among other things, 10 Skeins of worsted weight silk—and some other beautiful yarns.

Liz? I have to wait and see what she got—mostly washable stuff for her granddaughter. 
In addition, she got me a bag of yarns…and what beautiful yarns they are!

6 skeins of NORO--Ok some of it has been crocheted, and some was knit into a swatch, but…for $5 so what? I’ll frog it and redo the balls on my ball winder.

And look at this Patons yarn.. (9 skeins, each 153 yards) $4 for the lot—1300 yards—enough for a short sleeved shell or cardigan. (I love the  color!)

This cotton blend  is full of possibilities--2 skeins of worsted weight (maybe three) 1 skein, a different brand, but almost the same colors.. in DK weight.

These Ruby skeins?  2 skeins of wool/rayon and 3 of 100% rayon ribbon--Different brands, but almost dyed to match—Oh the possibilities!

What will happen to my SABLE?

I am making up labels for it-- so my daughter can sell it on Craig’s List, or give it away to my friends, or I better, I need to knit more—and faster!

Last night 4 lace repeats got knit on the sleeve of February Lady. Sunday I checked out Rena February Lady—I like the length of hers. She has 22 repeats for the body (I currently have 15) – I am going to have almost a full skein of yarn left when I am finished--should I make some fingerless gloves? or a hat?

I think fingerless glove might be ideal-- If they were long, they could be a separate half sleeve—making the February Lady work as a jacket, on colder days—and not just a keep warm in drafts cover up.

I have few yards of the hand painted—I’ll be able to do a hand painted cast on then lacy solid purple.  The socks will be finished tonight--and on display tomorrow.


FuguesStateKnits said...

That SABLE stuff is some scary sh*t.... I have some yarns inherited that way and it kind of creeps me out, then once I start knitting, no problem!

penny said...

the smileys flyer i got in the mail yesterday isn't helping anything.