Friday, May 15, 2009

I’ve just sewn up the toe..

But here are the before photo’s from this AM—when the knitting was finished, but the toe had not yet been grafted.  The self striping patterns is perfectly matched at the cuff, but is a row or two off by the heel, and further apart by the toe.  I don't care... I don't expect anyone to notice!
Beside, I am HAPPY--Something Finished! 

Something new started, too...An experimental hat-- One that will be knit, then fulled/felted, then decorated, and finally finished with a knit veil... A very retro (circa 1950’s) dress cocktail style hat.

If you are not old enough to know what I am talking about, think of I Love Lucy –and the fancy cocktail hats that Lucy and Ethel wore in the show--small compact hats, highly decorated, complete with veils!

In my minds eye, it looks perfect—and I know just how to knit it. But… I could be wrong! Only time and some knitting will tell! Hats are quick, too, so I will have a finished project—be it a success or failure--pretty quick!

Tonight, I will get back to the February Lady, fix the error, and finish the sleeve.

This weekend, will be wonderful—the will be a chance of showers, but mostly the weather will be classic spring. Plus there is the promise of a dinner out with my daughter, and Sunday our knitting group is going to be hosting Stan Newman, the New York Newsday crossword editor

I am a bit of word nerd, and so are some other members of the group—and several of us are crossword (and/or Scrabble fans)—and as knitters and spinners, we have a specialize vocabulary of knitting, spinning and fiber terms.
OUR GOAL? A crossword puzzle with a fiber theme. Sure, a lot of guys might have some trouble.

But then, how many times have I puzzled through crosswords devoted to the1957 Dodgers? (or some other particular team) or to one with a Tennis theme? Or last weeks Sunday NYTimes puzzle, filled with golf puns?

I know some women are sports fans, just as our group has some guys who are knitters—neither sports or textiles are exclusive to a particular gender.
But, it’s also true, that I think I know more about golf, or baseball, or woodworking, than most guys know about knitting, or sewing or textiles.

Women tend to know about things MEN are interested in, but the converse is not always as true!

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