Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Starts Today

In NYC at least!

Welcome to the Fleet—right now, ( 10 AM) a flotilla of ships are heading up the North River, (aka, Hudson River)* past the Intrepid, and soon the street of NY will be away with member of the US Navy—most in dress whites.

NYC is big--and it is home to many industries.
Most of the garment factories are gone-- but there are still design centers, and jobbers, and sample makers—the Fashion industry is big in NYC
While there have been ‘resets’ in the big financial companies, NYC is still a place where money (not just making it) is a big business.

Tourism is huge, too. And Retail and wholesale marketing, TV and entertainment, publishing—the list goes on and on...NYC is anything but a one company (or one industry!) town.

There are some military bases, and installations in NYC --the largest recruiting station in US is the one in Times Square, --and other recruiting station, in the Bronx (Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse) was (don’t have current figures), for years, in the top 5. But for the most part, military bases ring the city, rather than actually being IN the city.

But we still love our men in uniform—and are glad to have them in port. 

*Traditionally, in NYC, the river discovered by Henry Hudson in 1609 is called the North River—a trivia fact that real NYer’s know--also see  Wiki

As for Knitting?
The Toe’s are complete. And it’s time to transition to a pattern.. but I am still working out the details—I want something floral.. or suggestive of flowers..

The main yarn is light brick red, --not pink, but light red!—it’s going to be paired with an even lighter red—one that could be called a pink.. but…not a conventional pink.

These sock yarn are from what was VanCalcar Acres—Now doing business as Holiday yarns—with a brick and mortar store in Syracuse NY, and on lines sales as well –it’s a super fine sock yarn being worked on size 1’s, (2.25mm) at 9 stitches to the inch—with a hand as soft as silk. It’s wonderful working with this yarn!

Last night I got 2 complete repeats done on the February Lady—That is 18 repeats done.—just 4 or 5 more repeats to go-- and it will be finished. 

And just in time--spring came in with Fleet, and our cool days with high temps below 60° (below 16°c) will be a thing of the past –the weekend predictions are for sunny and mid to high 80’s!

I won’t want to be doing much knitting with a big sweater wool sweater in my lap when it’s 80+ degrees out!


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Susie said...

I just this week learned about the North River/Hudson River thing! Funny that you mentioned it that way on today's post. Love the sock colors and can't wait to see the fo.