Friday, May 08, 2009

OH dear me!

What to blog about?

Should I gripe?

I could gripe about the weather --7 days of rain! (Okay, so its not 40 days and 40 nights.. but!) 

It's has been good for the grass--and yesterday, when it stopped for the count of 2, I got this picture taken of the azaleas out side my front door.

Or I could gripe about my job  
Actually it’s not the job, it’s the landlord… (Isn’t always the landlord?)

He is doing major renovations to the space we (the company that employs me) occupy. I (a peon) don’t know all the details—but the gist is, we are month to month tenants, (paying something below the  normal (outrageous!) rent.  And he (the landlord) is ‘improving the space’ (and we don’t have much say).  Their (the landlord and his intinerent construction workers) idea of notice is to arrive at the door, and say: We are doing this, OK?  (like I really  have a choice!)

Yesterday was the worst—a new curtain wall was going up. Metal studs and baseplate, --which needed to be attached to the floor. In this case, ceramic tiles set in a mud (concrete) base.

They used a nail gun. A piece of equipment that uses black powder. And fired off a dozen shots—between the noise and the gun powder residue… It was horrid.

Today they are still screwing the sheet rock.. (drill, drill, drill) and cutting a new door way out—of an existing wall--lots of work with the reciprocating saw! and hammering. They (the construction workers) just drop stuff-- as if no one minds the noise. The rest of the building is vacant, so there isn’t really anyone to mind the noise but me!

--And just now, as I was editing this page, they (for their convenience), decided to unplug the modem and router.. (I work at an internet cafe.. Do you think that having a working (plugged in, power on MODEM might be important?) Augh!

But enough with gripping!

February Lady?  Well not much progress there.  I was out Tuesday night (and did knit--and blogged about it already)  and out Wednesday knit (and didn’t knit) and out again  last night, and did knit—but not February Lady. So there isn’t much to say!

The stripy socks? Well they are coming along.. another dozen rows, and I’ll start the toes.. (likely, today on the subway, as I head home.)  Once I start with the toe decreases, I am likely to keep at them till they are done (tonight!)--I might even get a lace repeat or 2 done on the Lady.

I made a good deal of progress because I went home yesterday (after work -circa 2PM) to move my car (Alternate side of the street parking requirements).

Then headed back to Manhattan at 5PM—to see Robyn Love’s presentation at the Lion Brand Studio.   Of course, the socks came with me—they are my subway knitting project--and got worked on  both coming and going.

Next up are going to be some semi solid pastel socks (I have lots of semi solid sock yarn) for a KAL on Ravelry. Its my favorite kind of KAL--I can use any yarn, any pattern, work at any speed--all I need to do is Knit Socks--in a semi solid pastel yarn. 

I brought my camera and tripod to Robyn’s presentation—but I can now tell you with authority—a 2 gig memory card will only hold 1 full  hour of video (not the full 1.5 + hours of her presentation)--Which is a shame, because it was wonderful.

Kudo’s for Lion Brand for having her there.

I think my computer is going to choke uploading that much video, but I'll give it a try... (stay tuned!)

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Susie said...

The flowers look beautiful. A lovely sight especially in light of all the damn rain! Glad you had fun at Robyn's presentation! I so appreciate all your great advice on my blog. Thanks so much.