Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ooh, That’s nice!

Once I decided on linear –or more accurately, a columnar design--then the rest was easy.

My gauge is just under 9 stitches per inch (36 stitches =4.12 inches—not an even 4 inches.) And the fabric is still pretty soft.

I could, if I wanted, go down to a size 0 needle, and get an even 9 stitches per inch, with a stiffer fabric. And I could have used a rib or cable that would have tightened up the ease. 

But I am happy with fabric, and 8.25 inches is still negative ease. I like 72 as a stitch count--(36/36) because 36 has a nice range of factors--2 x18, or 3 X12, or 4 X8 , or 6 X 6—so finding a stitch pattern to suit my needs is pretty easy—I had available, a large number of choices. 

OR it would have been easy if I had a stitch dictionary with me!

SoI  made a small table, and quick enough; a pattern!

It is an original? I dunno. I like it. It has a six stitch repeat—its not a rib, and its much stretchier than a standard cable. So it works for me!
This image is 6 pattern repeats (12 R's)
Spiral Columns--this pattern is designed for knitting in the round
R1: P1, K1, Twist2, K1, P1 (6 stitches)
R2: K1, Twist 2, Twist 2, K1
Repeat R1 and 2 for pattern

By Twist2 I mean a simple 2 stitch cable (twisted stitch)—
Knit into stitch 2, then into stitch 1, then let both stitches fall off the left needle.

Simple, but interesting—a twisted column 4 stitches wide--Some won't like it because alternate R's start with a P1--and some don't like starting a new needle (when knitting in the round) with a purl stitch, but its Ok for me. 

I am working today (yes, Saturday) and will be working Monday too.. And hope to get some real progress made on these socks today.

Tomorrow will be Panera’s—and a maybe the last few repeats of the lace pattern—and I still need to find the right buttons.

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