Friday, May 22, 2009

Proposed and Disposed

I started a flower like stitch on Wednesday.. and was uncertain by the end of R1.

By the time started R3, (R2 being one of plain knitting) I was certain… I had the wrong pattern!
So a quick rip, and I am back to square 1.   

Or rather stitch 1, or more truthfully
 stitch 37 (the first stitch in the second half of the round).  I'll be back to stitch 1 after I complete the round.  

What now? Something simple I think--linear, (a simple twisted, 2 stitch cable? ) in the light red, and then after the heel, the linear pattern can become lacy and be worked in the very light red.

Something simple to knit on the subway--and to knit quickly!

Meanwhile, the ax has fallen—the last day of my employment has been announced, (Friday June 5th.) The replacement job, (same job, same company, new locations) is still up in the air. (End of Jun? beginning of July?) Not too long a furlough I hope.

And not too bad—with so many finding the ax blade sharp and the severance permanent, a onemonth furlough is not bad at all.

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