Monday, May 25, 2009

Shudda, cudda, wudda…

Didn’t! (get much knitting done)

February Lady is on the brink of being finished—for a week now.

Repeat 19 of the gull lace is finished: 20, 21, and 22 a wait, plus a few rows of garter stitch--About 20 rows till completion. Oh yeah, and buttons. I need buttons--and so far, nothing I have seen has spoken to me.

(I did manage to get to a hardware store, and buy drain opener. Once again my bath tub drains 3 inches of water in less than 4 hours.)

The socks are 3 and half inches done –or rather were 3 and half inches done.
But a one sock somehow slipped of a needle, and I might have to frog a row or two to get all the stitches picked up and in pattern.

(All the plants on my terrace are watered and most are blooming. Since my terrace has no water, and gets LOTS of sun, AND I need over 4 gallons to water everything, this is a bigger deal than you might think: carrying gallon after gallon from kitchen through dining room and living to terrace is no small task.)

I have been organizing give away prizes for my 3 year blog anniversary... (Nice ones!) with the idea of getting rid of some stash and stuff (books, project bags, miscellanies goodies.) and then Lars goes and cleans up and organizes his stash, and now I have 2 balls Muench’s Touch Me (and visions of a hat) and, Hey wait, I am supposed to be getting rid of stuff!!! (Oh I love Touch me!)

(I suppose I should feel good about having 80% of the Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle finished--I didn’t even start it till after I got home from my Sunday at Panera’s!—(or after 7PM)—but now I have very little to look forward too! I like it when it takes me 3 or 4 days to completely solve-- not when I can finish it in 3 or 4 hours! Oh and by finished I mean MOST of the answers. If there are one or two words that elude me, I don’t let that stand in the way of saying finished! I am not there yet (all but one or two crosswords) but close.)

I have a queue of projects as long as my arm and then some —but the Touch Me will push its way to the top quickly. I have, in a similar color (very close!), a single skein hand painted yarn wool that is destined for fingerless gloves. And some other yarn – (different brand, different wool...) that was planned to make a something to match the gloves (in a sort of set.)

Now, the hand painted DK wool will be fingerless gloves; the wool will be the crown of hat, and the Touch Me, a brim. A scarf might make an appearance, too.
I know, I know, every time I knit a scarf, I claim, it’s the last one I am ever going to knit—but there are some patterns in Knitting New Scarves that I still want to have a go at!

None of the colors are a perfect match-- but both the wool and Touch Me are colors found in the hand painted skein.—which also has a small amount of white.. (and I have a pair of plush white gloves--)

Dyed to match sets are a dime a dozen at big box stores. This set will be artfully matching--nothing will be exactly the same color—but it will all go together.

Of course, I first have to finish February Lady…

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Robyn said...

But isn't it great to have all this wonderful stuff waiting to happen? Take comfort in a long list of projects...