Saturday, May 02, 2009

Thank You, thank you, thank you

Lace Detail from February Lady sweater.

It was wonderful seeing all the names, getting all the wonderful feedback yesterday.

It was a quiet day for me, I went out to dinner on Thursday, and had breakfast out this morning.. (no cake at either time, but then last Sunday I almost ate myself sick sampling cup cakes!

Slowly the sock are progressing.. the heels been turned, the gussets started, and now back to a single yarn and plain knitting (vs 4 strands of yarn and pattern work) the foot will fly along.

I am seriously thinking of joining a KAL on Ravelry for solid/semisolid sock yarn group.. I have some beautiful solids and semi solids from Holiday Yarns.. (which has just opened a brick and mortar store in Syracuse, NY.--(thankfully a good 5 hours drive away.. since it looks like the kind of rabbit hole I could fall into and shop forever.)

Unfortunately, shopping forever is not in the cards! Last summer (August) I got a part time job that was much needed.. (you know its illegal to discriminate on the basis of age.. but just go and try to prove it—getting a job in my fields (which has largely been outsourced to India ) is hard enough.. being 47, or 53 or (my real age) makes it harder.

When I was hired last summer, I was told it was a temporary position, and that the location I would be working a would disappear in January with the close of the storefront location.
In January, there was a reprieve, and I have had 4 full bonus months of work.

And more to come—since while the death knell has been sounded—my job has not quite ended yet. I have a few more weeks, possible a few months, and then perhaps a furlough, and (say a little prayer) continued employment in a new location.

Guess I won't be wearing the February Lady Sweater next year to keep warm at the old job!

I finished up the first ball of the solid purple yarn, and before continuing, I went to work on a sleeve.

I hate knitting sleeves—and I especially hate knitting sleeves last.. (all the bulk of the sweater to contend with, to knit a boring sleeve?)

I think after I finish 1 sleeve, I'll go back to the body, and then after 1 more skein of the body has been knit, I work on the second sleeve.. and then finally finish the body..

I've tried it on, and I like the fit.. the armholes are slightly snug. (but I suspect they will stretch out a bit with the weight of the body) The sweater is a bit loose.. but I like loose! The color change falls almost perfectly on the natural shoulder line—a bit of luck—and it makes the color yoke quite attractive.

Finally, I did a rare (for me) swap—and I am now looking forward to a magical mystery package in the mail.. (what fun!) --some pretty teal yarn for sure--(will it be perfect for a hat to match my fingerless gloves? Or will it open up new possibilities? And the other yarns? Oh I can hardly wait!


Batty said...

That purple is so pretty! I'm sorry you won't get to wear the February Lady sweater to work, but there will be other fun places to go with it... I love the pink/fuchsia yoke. I don't think I've ever seen a two-toned February Lady. I really, really like it.

FuguesStateKnits said...

I just love what you're doing with this pattern! Also like the idea of body, sleeve, more body, sleeve, finish body and would love to try it, but I will have to scrimp on the sleeves in the event I start running out of yarn (dd#2is 5'12" and long-waisted), so I'm kind of stuck doing things in the "traditional (whatever that means) manner."
Love the yarn you're using - it looks better every time!.
And I think you are past me now!
(Not saying much, believe me:))
Take care,