Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Warning! This blog post contains Knitting content and photos

It’s about time isn’t it?

I, like many people, KNOW what I need to do to lose weight, to be healthy, to control my anger, to… (A very long list)

And like many people, I do what I need to do,  most of the time.
But when there are changes (out of my control changes!) I find it all too easy to do the wrong thing.  At the times when I most need to the right thing, I am MOST LIKELY to do the wrong thing!  

Yes, I know there is only a very short term pleasure from something sweet like a snack cake. And the LONG term effects are not good.

And Yes, I know there is much longer term pleasure from eating fruit—and that the LONG term effects are better.

Still when I get tense, or annoyed, or short tempered, I still turn to sweets--like cakes and not sweets like fruit. 

Likewise, I know that knitting is good for me. It helps me relax, to focus, to be come positive...

But when I am stressed, it’s hard for me to sit quietly and knit. When I need to knit the most, is when I find it hardest to do.

But I’ve resolved to work on my stress. To momentarily force myself to knit, until knitting works its magic, helps me relax and once again take pleasure in it.

Last night (only 24 hours late!) I finished off the second sleeve—I started to write LEFT SLEEVE—but at this point, I am not sure which sleeve it was, the left or the right! But no matter, the important thing is; both sleeves are finished.

I only managed 2 rows of the body, joining the new ball of yarn, (the 3rd) and completing a half finished pattern repeat. But, I also wove in almost all of the ends! The tails from starting the sleeve, and from binding the sleeves off, the tails from the change from hand painted yarn to solid, the tails from joining the second skein of yarn.

I love to finish as go… Then as the last stitch gets bound off, there is hardly any work left before the FO is really a FO!

Oh, yeah-- here are the Patons Kroy socks, (done in self striping Fruiti-tutti) –Toes grafted, and all the ends woven in. (I realized I needed a photo for Ravelry!)

On the needles are the first few rows of toe up socks--A dark pink and that will be trimmed with a pastel pink. (Does dark pink count as a pastel?) I haven’t decided on a stitch yet, but my thoughts are turning to some thing lacy and flower like--
Well brighter and more spring like than the last 2 pairs of socks!


Susie said...

I can't wait to see the finished sweater. It's looking absolutely gorgeous and the color is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Dark pink counts as a pastel if you want it to. I can't wait to see the sweater when it is done. By the way, chocolate does not count as a sweet when you are stressed, it is a psychotropic! Judy

Melissa said...

I know what you mean by always doing what's not good for you. I too suffer from the "no time to knit but really need to" syndrome. Looks like you were able to get a lot done when you did pick it back up again.