Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is your Favorite Color?

It’s one of the questions Ravelry asks; but it’s a pretty common question in lots of circles. It is a question I have a hard time answering.

What is my favorite color?
For clothing? Purples.. and blues.
For traveling? Turquoise—for the summer, and teal for the winter.
For parties? Reds and coralsFor rooms? Neutrals for big rooms, Bright and dramatic for small (purple or raspberry or turquoise)
For ceilings? Pure White (icy white) or pale blue.
For writing? Peacock blue, or Bright green or Raspberry red.
For knitting?
Well bright colors for small items, and more neutral colors for big ones.. unless it’s an afghan or something really big..
I tend to like solids—but not exclusively—and tend to like hand painted (random color variation) better than more ordered colorways.. but sometimes, it’s just the combination of colors that speak to me!

I really like a lot of colors, and I like interesting combinations—
This hat (seen in this post), is the hat I wear most often in the winter—It is a rusty orange, with a dark purple and bright turquoise.. and the wrist warmers? Almost the same colorway. SO OBVIOUSLY, I am not the only person in the world who thinks these colors go together!

I don’t like every color in the rainbow—(tomato red doesn’t do much for me, for one) and there are some colors I come back to, again and again---which works for me.
Odd skeins, from sales or swaps, or where ever –that speak to me, are likely to find color mates in my stash, waiting to pair up with them and I love to mix and match up different yarns, and colors and textures.

Yesterday I blogged about the Touch me.

Here is the skein of Artful Yarns I plan to make into wrist warmers/fingerless gloves- I just have the one skein—It’s a machine washable merino.

Shown with it, are 2 skeins of yarn that I picked up,  some time in the past,  (at a clearance sale, cheap because they were missing the ball bands)  of Coats & Clarks Washable wool—one in Grape, one in Raspberry. (I have a second skein of the Grape –bought at full price (less what ever discount coupon I had!)

The plan was to cast on in color A of C& C’s Washable Wool, then work the main part in the Artful Yarns, then end with Color B of the C & C Washable wool. I still haven’t decided which would be color A and which color B, but I don’t think it matters much.

Part 2 of the plan was to leave a few yards of the Artful Yarns—just enougth to cast on and bind off a scarf (or a hat) made from stripes or some other color pattern—with what ever I made from the of the C & C wools.

Not a matching set, not dyed to match, but good go with colors.

Then in stepped Lars with his generous destash and now I have 2 skeins of Touch Me.

The color is brighter—but it matches up with the Lion Brand Lion wool—this is the color Rose –Rose more than almost any other color in the Lion Brand wool line varied—I have some skeins in this rich dark rose, and some in much lighter, much more traditional rose color.

Look at the grouping—Nothing matches, but a Hat and scarf and pair of fingerless gloves made from these yarns will look great together!  

Especially for someone who loves colors—All of them!


teabird said...

Those will look amazing together. You have a good eye!

Susie said...

I like the colors together. I can't wait to see your projects when you're done.

FAPORT International said...

I really like Blue and Black,
or a combination of both!