Saturday, June 20, 2009

Again with the Rain!

Thursday was a monsoon (since when does NYC have monsoon season?)

Friday, mostly dry, and today, the forecast was for clouds and a chance of rain (thunderstorms) in the afternoon…But it started raining by 10 am, and its still raining, now at noon.

I had promised photo’s Thursday, but 2 problems came up--

The first, (thankfully!) was a defective SD photo card…At first it seem the camera wasn’t working, (and the focus wasn’t working).

The second was moisture. (The lens had condensation on it)

I should have reversed the order. (At first I thought the focus problem was the moisture, but even after drying the camera out, (and the SD card, too) I was still having focusing issues.

Replacing the card, (a 4 gig one!) and resetting the camera finally resolved the focus issues. (It was scary to think the camera (just about 1 year old) was broken. Its not an expensive camera, but I went and bought the docking station for this camera - and am now sort of commited to a camera that can use the docking station... (I have an older, (less features) camera that also uses the same docking station, too. But I like the features of this camera)

So, here is the first of a half dozen pink potholders. (Or rather PART of potholder.)

I’ve done another 4 rows (nothing to speak off) since this image, but since it is just more of the same stripe, is not very different.

Nothing was done on the teal shrug. (this weekend maybe)

8 rounds where done on the sock... 2 more rounds and I’ll start the heel.

The count is easy, since the 8 rounds represent 8 increases (a scant inch) 2 more increases (in the heel gusset) will be just over an inch—(I am working at 9 stitches to the inch)--enough ease to make the socks comfortable.

This time I’ve put the gusset on the heel side (not the instep side) and I will work the heel over the extra stitches making it a bit longer and wider—but I will be working the second half of the short row heel in heel stitch. (This yarn is super soft, and I think I need the extra durability on the heel.) Heel stitch is a bit more condensed than stocking knit, so the extra stitches will keep things about right.

Last night, some Cervina Calezetteria yarn jumped into my hands, and before I knew what was happening, I cast on and knit an inch of ribbing. The Calzetteria yarn is almost a sports weight, so even on size 2’s it’s a much bigger stitch than the Holiday yarn… (The skeins are small too, compared to most sock yarns, and make a slightly smaller than average sock with 100 gm.)

I have no idea what (if any) pattern will emerge on the leg and instep—right now, the 1 x 1 ribbing is holding sway (about 1.5 inches of it so far).

I’ll try and get some sock photo’s tomorrow…


gayle said...

I like the look of the short-row heels, but hate the fit. High instep, which is what I suspect you're working around. I hadn't thought of using heel stitch - the lack thereof is the other objection I have to short-row heels.
Hmmm... Food for thought.

Susie said...

I'm so sick of this rain. I'm becoming a hermit! Can't wait to see the completed potholder.