Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear Blog (readers),

I’m sorry; I am guilty of neglecting you.

I could offer up the same tired excuses, but the truth is:
I mostly blog about knitting, and haven’t been knitting much for these past 10 days. And of the little I have done, NOTHING is finished and nothing photographed (all these damp grey mornings are less than ideal light for indoor photography.)

When I finished my February Lady sweater 3 weeks ago, I joked it was just in time –to put it away for the season—but instead, I’ve worn it a half dozen times! This month is going on record for coldest June ever in NYC; and unless we have a 10 day heat wave (possible, but not likely) the month will end as a cool(& rainy) record breaker. (The grass found here and about in NYC is very happy about the weather—the cool moist days have created lush green lawns.) There is a spot of sunshine today, but more rain and another cool day is predicted for tomorrow!

I am happy with FL, and almost immediately started another, similar shrug.
No pattern, just an idea—a basic raglan shape, but with an open front. A ruffle on the front and hem; and the same ruffle as a cap sleeve (and if there is enough yarn, a small ruffled collar.)

I am using this yarn – (see this post for details)
I’ve used 1 skein for the body—(the basic raglan shape.) I added some short rows at the top (neck edge) for a better fit, and then some more short rows at the hem for curved shape. I separated the sleeve stitches before the body had reached the under arm—so the sleeve cap ruffle will start at the natural shoulder line.

Now, (well, sort of now, NOW if were actually knitting) I am making a ruffled edge for the front and back hem--which I expect to use up most, if not all of a skein (skein 2). Skein 3 will be used for sleeves (and any left over will become a collar)

The ruffle is deeper at the top/neck and narrower at the back—the shaping done with short rows—I knit the body in 2 days, and started the ruffle on day 3… and haven’t knit anything on it since then --15 days ago! The fact that I started with 125 stitches at the edge, and the stitch count has grown to 250, and then to 500, and now are reaching 1000 stitches per row hasn’t helped!

And I am doing this knitting (the ruffle) on trust--the stitches are crammed onto the needle, and it’s impossible to see what it actually looks like! I hope it ends up looking as I envisioned—and not as an awful rumpled mess!

Remember this? I got 3 more ‘Pearls” knit—but it too, is languishing.

So what did I do yesterday? I started something new!

Namely one of several double knit pot holders I’ve promised to my Daughter for a fund raising event she is hosting in August. She’s joined with a friend to the Avon 2 day run/walk (a marathon and half!) in October. She has committed not the minimum donation of $1800, but to almost twice that amount, ($3,300.00)

One of her planned fund raising events is tea party with some raffles—and my contribution will be some hand crafted items—wash clothes, potholders, and kitchens accessories—(including some purchased items --Farberware makes pink kitchen tools like rubber spatula’s, kitchen scissors, can openers, etc.) as raffle prizes.

I am making up 3 sets/collections of kitchen prizes—with towels, dishcloths, potholders (knit and quilted ones) aprons (embroidered and patch work quilted trim) and kitchen tools. (That’s 6 double knit potholders!) And one SPA set (hand knit wash clothes, a decorated mirror, terry cloth slippers, a scented candle, sented soap and other beauty accessories) and some other stuff-- I would like to make a 1000 things, but I ‘owe’ some friends some small tokens, and I have mending to do, and there are only 24 hours in the day, and goodness knows, these days I have been wasting way too many of them on Facebook playing Bejeweled Blitz—So I have my work cut out for me—and I better get cracking!

When DD has the time/dated/details for her fund raiser, I’ll post the information here. The location will be The Alumni Club (bar) in on Hillside Avenue in New Hyde Park (NY)—which is easy to get to, and has (free) off the street parking. I hope some of you can come.

My socks (more knitting on needles that I haven't worked on) have almost reached the heel—on the next round, I’ll started to make some increases for the small gussets I’ve learned to add to all my after thought and short row heels.. It really improves the fit. But I haven't knit the next round--

Tomorrow, I might even take some photos!

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