Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Generous! or Greedy?

A few weeks ago, Melanie commented to me about how generous I was.
I was taken aback! I am so conscious of how greedy I am, I sometimes forget, that I am, at times, as generous as I am greedy.

Yesterday, I was greedy--or perhaps just conscious of my greed.

A neighbor to the LICKknits group (a yahoo group/a Ravelry group/ a real life group), Ms Lacey, who is slowly giving up knitting and other crafts—had bags and bags of material to share. (Ms Lacey, looks in her face to be quite young (well of a certain age, but not OLD) but her arthritic hands tell a different story. Each year, she finds it harder and harder to do the handcrafts she so loves.)

Since I have a car, I am the designated ‘picker upper’ and came to the LICKnits group meeting with bags of stuff—lots of needle point stuff, some yarns, and a collection of books and magazines, that she has generously given us. (She did the same some 18 months ago, and what a joy that was, too!)

I confess--I was greedy, and when I saw Barbara G Walker’s book Mosaic Knitting, I grabbed it, and tucked it away for myself—before anyone had a chance to see it.

But I wasn’t so greedy—I didn’t pre screen all the books, and Teresa (on Ravelry) ended up with another BGW book.

After the piles had been gone through and every one claimed the books and magazines that interested them, I went back, and picked up some old issues of Knitters and Vogue knitting magazines from the mid 1990’s—a time when I was doing very little knitting, and buying almost no books or magazines.

(I also ended up being responsible for taking home (and bringing back next week) some stuffthat wasn’t claimed—Some stuff will be shared with members of the West Babylon Panera group… (since what it wants is a good home!)

I also claimed (not first and greedily--before anyone else had a
chance, but not last either) 2 Mary Thomas knitting books.

It was fun seeing how one person loved one book (Exquisite Knits) and another’s eyes lit up with glee at a book of Disney themed patterns, (two books I had no interest in at all!)

Someone else was thrilled with skeins of plain white cotton (for market bags) and someone else was happy to find 2 skeins of Red Heart yarn and cone of eyelash yarn, and someone else, thrilled with the beautiful (if orange)wools.

I recognize I am greedy--(but at the same time, I am busy at home putting together some give away prizes for next month—stay tuned for details!)

Oh, yeah, and I actually did some knitting—I’ve finished the heel flaps, and turned the heels on the Calzetteria socks… SEE! The gussets have been started.. (something is getting knit!)

I am not always a fan of mixed colorways, but so far, I like the tweedy pooling this yarn has.


teabird said...

The tweedy pooling looks good - but I've always been a fan of pooling. Maybe it's my crunchy-granola tie-dye background catching up on me.

penny said...

*sigh* woman, that is not greed. you are on a quest to learn (and then teach others) so much about knitting that those are the best additions to your library you could make. I have the Mary Thomas knitting pattern book and have read several times her knitting book. those will be wonderful and i look forward to seeing what you do with them in the future.

I dream of adding BGW to my library but for you? Those really are two of the least greedy acquisitions you could make.

i wish you had picked up some things for YOU to spoil yourself with. You deserve it for YOU.

<3 yah!

gayle said...

I don't blame you on the Mosaic book - I wouldn't have been able to part with that one, either...
Sounds like you were very restrained to me. No rampant greed, there. 8)
Love those socks. I'm one of those who like the pooling and flashing.