Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am close to the end of my first (of 6) Pink double knit potholders.

It’s a simple pattern (easy enough to do on the subway!)
Some stripes, some birds eye (mini checkerboard) and some diagonal stripes.

Stripes and birds eye pattern are horizontal—I always do horizontal stripes with the birds eye.

Why? Habit!

But I recently saw a lovely swatch of double knitting... dark pink/birds eye/ light pink/ birds eye-- In Vertical stripes—and it looks so pretty!

Why with dozens and dozens of potholders that I have knit, in so many different patterns have I never thought to vertical stripes?

I try to be creative… but I recognize I fall into habits—I use the same colors or the same designs. Or the same stitches, I quickly fall into a habit.

Don’t we all?

I’ll be finishing this up tonight and away for a few days—and the next few potholders are going to be exercises in new double knit patterns... I am breaking my habit!

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gayle said...

I'm attacking double knitting for the first time - making socks.
Trying to find a way of holding the yarns without losing my mind. I'm a continental knitter - I may have to hold both yarns in my left, because the left/right thing isn't working...
How do you do it?