Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am a master knitter.

No, I haven’t been certified by a commercial organization that offers such certifications. But I am a master knitter.

What makes me say so?

Basic knowledge to start! I have it!
I know how to knit the way I enjoy knitting, (combo) but I can knit standard continental, and English (slowly), true left handed (from right needle onto the left needle) and Portuguese/eastern style (with my thumb)--and lots of variations with in those broad range of styles.

I am firm in my belief that there is no one single correct way to knit--there are many styles and all of them are equal valid(and that i don't yet know all the styles!) I KNOW that I don’t know every style of knitting--but, its no matter, because, I am still learning!

I don’t usually knit with a needle held in the crook of my arm or in a sheath, but I know how to knit that way too.

While I claim to be a master knitter, I don’t claim to know everything about knitting—In fact, that is one of the things I enjoy about knitting… after years and years of knitting, I still have things to learn—Not a lot… but details and details. Details that make subtle differences.

I’ve tried most that knitting has to offer, cables, intarsia, fair isle, knitting flat, knitting in the round, knitting flat, steeking. Some techniques enthrall me; some like entralac leave me cold.

Same goes for my obsession(s)—do I know every cast on? Well it does depend on how you count.

I recent purchased Montse Stanley’s Reader’s Digest Knitting Handbook, and reviewed the 40 listed methods in that book. And while I know many of the cast ons by different names, there were only 2 new to me cast ons. (The twice knit one, and another, -- (which I had just seen following a link on Ravelry, called a simple Russian cast on!—which I still haven’t mastered!)—Montse counts differently (Is Long tail (sling shot) a different cast on than long tail (thumb)?
(I say no, she says yes--There are valid reasons for both positions.)

I also saw (and have been playing) with the twice knit stitch.—another sort of double knitting—and another obsession of mine!

The hand book has ideas for selvages that I haven’t considered--and I have considered and used quite a number.
( I have been know to be short with new(ish) knitters who PROCLAIM that a slip stitch (plain or twisted) is the way to finish an edge. (The slip stitch chain selvage is way, the truth and the light –they would have you believe!)

It is one option for a selvage, but too often it’s used to hide a loose edge stitch –which is something that should be resolved, not covered up! A selvage stitch should be a choice not a crutch (and yes, I do occasionally choose to use it!)

More than any particular skill –I think what makes me a master is that I am interested in, and still actively learning knitting techniques—and exploring all that knitting has to offer.

I WANT to know all I can about knitting.. I not only knit, but I am still actively learning about knitting.

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