Thursday, June 04, 2009

If not knitting then, what?

Reading—(Nothing special.)

Julie and Julia, (Julie Powell) which was not what I expected—the blurbs I had heard about the book (and the movie.) made is seem light hearted and funny.

I had a problems with Julie’s tone. I don’t (and didn’t mind) that she uses the F word.. (I do, too, in real life, but I try to keep it infrequent!)

It was her, “even though I am from Nowheresville, Texas, and working as a temp (not the leading lady I should be) I am so much a New Yorker, that I can’t believe that I am forced to live in a dump in Queens” attitude that turned me off.

REAL New Yorkers live in NYC –all of it. And NYC has 5 (count them, FIVE) boroughs, (that are also 5 (state) counties) and, while there hardly breathes a NYer’s who doesn’t want to live in New York County, MILLIONS of us live in the boroughs. REAL New Yorkers live in Queens. (and Brooklyn, and Staten Island, and the Bronx. ) 

And we REAL New Yorkers don’t need instructions from NYer wannabees on how or where to live. We real New Yorkers aren’t pleased when upstarts from Nowhereville Texas cops  a dis the Bridge and Tunnel crowd attitude. (Who the hell does she think she is?)

Long Island City?  Sure it has some less than luxury housing (and perhaps, her apartment was less than luxury)—but I go to LIC all the time, and I have been in some apartments there. LIC is filled with middle/working class people, and lots of small 1 and 2 family homes, (with lots lots of pride of place --and house proud folk) It’s a nice neighborhood—it’s not a slum of sub standard housing that she makes it out to be.

There are always trade offs. (Me? I don’t live in LIC… but I do live in Queens. I live a bit further away from Manhattan, (and so it’s a bit cheaper) I traded time (commuting time) for space. My roomy 2 bedroom apartment would be twice the price in LIC—if I could find one. I LOOKED for condo’s in LIC when I was looking for apartments--and compromised.

I have great space, and a great view, (and a great price)—and door to door (from Rego Park to Midtown (5th and 31st)) is 45 minutes—about 30 minutes of that is my subway ride. Which, truthfully is about average commute--Lots of people who live up town or other parts of Manhattan, and are  further from a subway stop (longer walk/shorter ride) or who have to change trains, have just as long a commute--door to door. 

It's an exclusive few who live and work so close as to have a commute under 15 minutes.

And I have been reading John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany. I like Irving. I haven’t (yet) read everything he has written, but I have liked everything of his that I have read—and this book is no exception.

And I have been knitting—a bit of an experiment—that I haven’t been talking about--til now.

I liked the February Lady—and I liked (but not as much) the Lion Brand Textured Circle Shrug KAL--from Glam Knits by Stefanie Japel)—but I didn’t like the idea of NO front at all, and all that the collar. (that is a Ravelry link above.. but you can also check out the Lion Brand Studio web site for info)

So I have been winging a bit of shrug…I started with 3 skeins (each 4 oz/unknown yardage each skein)—this lovely deep turquoise blue that I got in trade with Pam (aka mackenzieknits55)….. (on ravelry)

The shrug  has a bit of front (2 inches!). and now that I am below the armhole, it will have some short row shaping (in the back), making the back a little longer, than the front--that will give the lower hem a curved edge.  It will be ‘finished’ with some rows of garter. (This represents skein 1 of the 3)

Skein 2 will be a garter stitch lace ruffle—Worked down the front and around the back—extending the garter stitch edging. 
The ruffle will have double shaping, and will be deeper/wider at the top front, and will be shallower at the center back, as well as being ruffled.

Skein 3 will be worked from center and the outside, and be used to make ruffled cap sleeves—which again will be shaped with short rows, with more of a ruffle on the top of the sleeve, and less on the under arm.

I have, from earlier this year, some fingerless glove that work well with this color.. and I have some zepher to make a scarf (or will it be a cowl?) so I don’t need a collar on the shrug. (Remember this from last month? The tweedy wool is now the shrug, the fingerless gloves are finished, and the zepher is still waiting.)

I hate thing that are up close and snug around my neck—(which is one aspect of the Textured Circle shrug that I didn’t like) It has to be quite a few degrees below freezing before I button up a coat or jacket, and below 0° (f) before I think about wearing a scarf (for warmth!)I don’t need or want a shrug that has a big collar or high neckline. 

For now,  the sleeves are on spare circ's (I wanted to try it on, and standard stitch holders just didn't work for that!) and short rows are about to begin.  


Robyn said...

Yes, I couldn't finish that book either. There was something about her tone that just didn't sit well with me, and I am a devoted fan of Julia Child, so it was very disappointing. We gotta stand up for the great borough of Queens!!

FuguesStateKnits said...

Good for you! Give that Texas bit&* hell!
I'm reading Elizabeth George right now - don't ask me what...

Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

I loved Owen! And, HOW HE TALKS IN CAPS! I also loved Cider House Rules and, of course, Garp!.

Susie said...

I love how non-native New Yorkers think they can live here for a few years and be "real" New Yorkers. Feh. As a friend of mine said, they're the reason all rents in Manhattan are astronomical.
As for Irving, he's one of my all time favorites. I think I've read everything by him thus far and Garp is my favorite. Or maybe Cider House Rules. Or maybe...well you get the idea.
Love all the blues!