Monday, June 29, 2009

I’m back…

But experiencing technical problems…

Both my computers are objecting to doing work—each in its own way!

I don’t know if it is a hardware problem (disk failure) or a software one (some virus that snuck past MacAfee)

For now, I have the use of a computer at work—but just till the end of the week—fortunately, I have my files (text, charts (excel) and images) on a separate hard drive, (and have 95% of my files backed up!—so while I might have lost a file or two--most everything is saved on a CD or server)

But files on a perfect disk drive (that is, an operation one) connected to a dead computer are not accessible! I have to physically remove the drive and install it in a new CPU!

(First, of course, I have to buy a new CPU!)

Today, I caught up on mail and other reading (blogs and Ravelry, and Facebook, and so on)--tomorrow, an update on the blue socks, and on the double knit face cloth, and on another face cloth (and some other double knitting patterns techniques!)

Tomorrow, I'll share about the wonderful weekend I had—well, wonderful except for the driving—heavy traffic and minor accidents (and the resulting rubber necking delays) turned a what should have been a 4 to 5 hour trip –NY City to DC--(well northern Virginia really) into a 7 and half hour trip.. and a seven and half hour trip became an 8 and half hour trip with the added delays of ‘tourist information’ (our euphemism for nature calls) –and at each tourist information stop, we had coffee, or other beverages, that, with the repeated delays, created another need to stop!

I took almost no photo’s (I never think to take photos!) and my only souvenir is a skinned elbow and scraped toe from a fall—But it was a wonderful weekend—in spite of the fall, and endless travel delays.

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