Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It’s Sad

This is supposed to be a knitting blog. All it needs to work, is for me to knit—and write about it.

But it’s pathetic! Here are the socks I started 10 days ago. Not a lot of progress.
(Sure, I also knit the February Lady sweater as I was knitting these, but that is old news)

And I have been sticking to my yarn diet, so I don’t have any stash enhancements to blog about… Well, that is not completely true—just mostly.

Yesterday, I was forced to buy a skein of Patons Kroy, (almost certainly Patons Kroy) sock yarn—it was label-less, and $0.50 and white (well, a creamy natural white).  Since Michaels carried Patons Kroy in white, (and didn’t carry Red Heart’s Heart and Sole in any solids) it’s a pretty safe bet it is Kroy.

How can anyone pass by a skein of sock yarn for fifty cents? Especially a light colored solid that has the possibility of being any color I want? (I have been known to buy sock yarn colorways I didn’t really like for that price!)

Chances are it won’t remain white-- but will be subject to an experiment with some dye stuff—and end up being some color. Which color, I am not yet sure of--but it can be put to good use, SINCE…
I was gifted with 2 skeins (in 2 different colors) of Adriafil’s Knitcol,  a self striping, superwash merino sock yarn.

(This is what happens when people know you knit. But truthfully, I give away yarn frequently too. Just yesterday I gave one of my students a nice ball of (well most of 100 gm ball) of wool to practice with.)

Each 50 gram skeins is enough for 1 sock. So do I make a pair of intentionally mismatched socks? Mismatched socks are not really my style. I don’t mind when the strips are not perfectly matched—and with subtle stripes, I sometimes don’t even try for match at all. But a pair of sock with one sock colorway A, and other sock color way B? I don’t think so.

I suppose I could do 1 repeat (or perhaps 1 and half repeats ) of the strip pattern per sock. (From what I have seen, the strip pattern has a long repeat) Socks with a cuff and foot of some solid or semi solid yarn and the leg and toe of the stripes. I will match the stripes in the leg, but the toes are likely to be mismatch stripes of the left over bits.

The repeats of the stripe pattern seems to be fairly large in this yarn—I think I’ll have to rewind it first and just how many repeats I have, and where to divide the skein. (And I’ll have to finish these socks, too, before I can start another pair!)


Susie said...

Spending fifty cents on yarn when on a yarn diet is like sniffing chocolate when on a food diet.

FuguesStateKnits said...

At least you don't have 800 million projects going at once and forgetting where you were when you last picked them up! Give yourself a break, lady- you just freakin' finished a sweater ferchrissakes!
50 cents for a ball of sock yarn? That's like eating sugar free pudding on a low-carb diet: enough to get you through the day without too many cravings. (Don't ask how I know that...)