Thursday, July 23, 2009

Feeling a bit more like my old self--

Wired on Caffeine!

Knitting a bit, too, (and catching up on all those things I planned to do during my furlough, (and haven't yet done, or even started!) --I even got a bit of shopping done--

First, the shopping. I am a clothes horse—and for the past few years when I have been unemployed/seriously under employed, I haven't bought any clothes—well, last winter I did buy some underwear—and I have knit myself socks, and some outerwear (1 sweater 6 years ago, another this spring) but mostly, I have been living off my collection—and as of late, some favorite pieces have been getting pretty threadbare!

But this week, a local store (with a short term lease) has caught my eye.. ALL clothes (most, I am uninterested in) for $2.99. Still they had a collection of heavy twill (something like denim, but not indigo dyed) shirts--in a range of colors.

So I have bought 11 shirts! 5 short sleeved ones, Yellow, white, khaki, medium blue, and black, and 5 long sleeved ones-- forest green, white, khaki, medium blue, and black—plus a bonus one in a soft, light weight denim blue—its made from a woven cloth, but its a polo/Henley collar type shirt. (there are still dark (navy) and maroon ones I haven't bought!)

I worked for a few hour this week—and will have blown most of my paycheck on clothing!--but I love basic clothing like this, and these heavy weight shirts are a style I wear and wear--and really 11 shirts for $33--its a bargain I couldn't pass by!

Sometimes, I wear this type shirt as jacket, almost, (over a tee shirt), some times just as a long sleeve shirt.
They are a bit heavy, even if they are 100% cotton, for the heat of summer, (ie, 90° days with high humidity) but perfect almost year round—the short sleeved ones are fine for any summer day that is below 80°--about half the summer here in NYC.

As for knitting, the red socks are slowly making progress.. I've past the heel, (not yet knit) and changed to a light red, and switch the pattern, (lace, in front, ribbing in back) and I am liking the work a bit better. (The lure of the Mellow stripe sock yarn is helping!)

The double knit place mat is more than half done...
one side, stripes of garter stitch, gthe other side, stripes in stocking knit stitch.

And I am almost caught up on laundry, and most of the books have been shelved or reshelved,
I still have a ton of other work to do...the new computer (most of it) is still on the old desk, (the new—to me) desk is still in pieces.. (and the new to me printer is still not connected, and the part I plan to salvage from the old computer still haven't been salvaged.. and well the list goes on and on...


ND Life said...

Double knitting is on my list of skills to learn, love what you have made. The shirts are fabulous, great buy.

ND Life said...

Thank you for the links. Your tutorial looks wonderful and very easy to follow. Can't wait to try it. Thanks again.....(can I e-mail you if I get stuck?)